Saturday, 5 April 2014

Malacca Straits, Ultimo

Now let me introduce you to my favourite Malaysian restaurant in Sydney.
 It is located in a little arcade on Mountain Street, Ultimo.  Keep an eye out for a signboard which points to Malacca Straits and some other restaurants in the arcade!

I have been a couple of times in the past and it has always been awesome, but this time particularly so because we went for my Mum's birthday and well that is kindaaa special :P 

My parents are fussy with Malaysian food, but I knew that they would like this restaurant!

First dish that came out was the Ayam Percik Kelantan ($20.80).  It was the most succulent grilled chicken topped with fried onions and shallots.  

I know you probably would not guess it, but this Crispy Egg Salad ($14.80) is one of their yummiest dishes. Just imagine chunks of crispy pan-fried egg and crispy fresh salad tossed in a super delicious spicy, sweet and tangy salad dressing.  Every component worked so well together!

And then came our HUGE pot of Malaysian Fish Head Curry ($30.00)!
There was a school of blue eye cods in there, okay fine just their cheeks, swimming with okra, beans, tomatoes and super juicy eggplant in the deliciously creamy curry sauce.  My dad was really impressed with this dish!

And theeeen came our Seafood Char Kway Teow ($13.00).  Oober fresh flat rice noodles fried to wok hei perfection in spicy sambal paste, seafood and beansprouts! 

 This was the highlight of the day.  Golden Sand Prawns ($26.80), think fat juicy prawns thickly coated in duck egg yolk batter and lightly fried.  They even had fried curry leaves on top! I loved it.

I saw this dish online and had to get it.  Ayam Goreng Mentaga ($16.80).  A huge plate of crispy chicken pieces topped with creamy buttery egg floss, curry leaves sauce and crispy curry leaves!  This was really tasty, but massive so I would only get it if there are a lot of people.

I had been dreaming about this dish for the longest time, the Oyster Omelette ($16.80).  Fat juicy oysters were studded in a really nice egg batter and served with shallots and spicy chilli sauce.  The omelette had this kinda chewy texture that held everything together, a bit hard to explain but it was almost like omelette + oysters + mochi.  I like to eat it with lots of chilli!

Now this dish I get almost everytime I come here, Chai Tau Kueh ($12.00).  Reason being that not may Malaysian restaurants offer this dish, and amongst the few that do, they do it the best!  The nice thick chunks of radish cakes were nice and crispy and tossed with copious amounts of egg and sambal on the side!  Really good.

Overall, we had a super fun evening and will definitely be back really soon!!!!

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  1. oh wow those prawns sound amazing!

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