Sunday, 2 March 2014

Kingston & Co, Eastgardens

So for those of you who are unawares, Eastgardens Westfield, Pagewood has recently opened up a !whole array of new restaurants just next to the library! It is like an eat street :)

My friend and I decided to have lunch at Kingston and Co.

The first dish that came out was the Crispy Poached Duck Egg ($20.00).  Supposedly an entree, I thought this was massive! There was duck egg fried to perfectly, topped with hollandaise sauce and brioche crumbs. It was served with jamon (kind of like pancetta).

It was a really interesting dish, I don't think I have ever tried anything like it before. The best part was the fried egg of course, not to mention how nice and oozy the yolk was!

Our mains came out soon after starting with the Moroccan Lamb Burger ($18.00). It was super high, like 10cm high with Sonoma brioche bun stuffed with saaalad, grilled eggplant, lamb patty and garlic yogurt. The lamb patty was very juicy and I loved the addition of garlic mayo to add creaminess to the dish.

This was the Grilled Ocean Trout ($30.00), a generous slab of superbly crispy skinned trout cooked medium rare on the insides.  I had actually tried this before when I came with Jess previously and remembered it was awesome so had to get it again!  It sat on a bed of fat cous cous pearls and veges, so cute right?  

I reminisce stabbing into the salmon, tender chunks coming off...and dabbing it into the oregano mayonnaise.  This is probably my favourite dish at Kingston.

For desserts, we got two.  First came out Baked Whole Apple Crumble ($13.00).

I liked everything about this dish, from the cute pot to even the mangled looking apple.  It isn't easy to describe tbh, the apple was soft and poached, and stuffed with cinnamon, crumble, etc.  The vanilla bean ice cream worked well with the rest of the dish balancing its sweetness.

Then came out Frozen Pavlova ($14.00) and though I wasn't all that keen on this, it turned out to be the better of the two! And that is saying a lot.Think frozen pavlova topped with scorched marshmallow and fruit,  Such a brilliant make.

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