Sunday, 2 March 2014

Kingston & Co, Eastgardens


So for those of you who are unawares AND NOW BE AWAREEEES, Eastgardens Westfield, Pagewood has recently opened up a WHOLE ARRAY OF RESTAURANTS (next to the library)! It's like this cute streeeet of eats and is super quaduppppeeer cosy with a comfortable level of noisy which I looooove! 

I was completeeeely and utterly won over by theire delicious sounding Lamb Burger, Crispy Poached Duck Egg and Grilled Ocean Trout!!! OMG I LOOVE DUCK EGGG!!!!

Teheeehehe anyways here it is, our Crispy Poached Duck Egg ($20.00).  My super duper cute duck egg was fried to perfection with delicious brioche crumbs but still perfectly oooozy on the insides!! It was served with jamon (kind of like pancetta) and chilling in a sea, A SEAAAA I TELL YOU of warmmmm ooozzzy Hollandaise sauce and topped with fresh watercress!  It was AHHH-MAAA-ZIIINGGG!  

I dunno about my friend, but I was so happppyyyy with this dish, probably my favourite kind of Hollandaise dish ever! Everything just worked sooo well together, and it really topped the charts for me since I love duck egg! I have always wanted to own a duck in Australia like I did back in Malaysia...:D

Looook at that oooozy eggg ombeaaans! Gaaahhh I'm thinking another visit is long overdue...:O

Our mains came out soon after starting with the Moroccan Lamb Burger ($18.00) came out next, and what a sighttt to seeeee it was! Super high, like 10cm high, Sonoma brioche bun stuffed with saaalad, grilled eggplant, SUPER THICK LAMB PATTY and garlic yogurt.  It was a perfect balance of flavours, the lamb patty was soo juicy and flavoursome and cooked reddish on the innards.  I LOVE! The garlic yogurt was also a delicious surprise, I'm usually use to garlic mayo etc but this was the perfect accompaniment to the lamb!

Oh and cannot forget the huge bowl of shoestring fries that came with the burger on that lovely wood plank.  I love it when cafe's serve their foods on wood planks, there is something super awesome about them! hhaahaha

This was the Grilled Ocean Trout ($30.00), a generous slab of superbly crispy skinned trout cooked medium rare on the insides.  I had actually tried this before when I came with JT previously and remembered it was awesome so had to get it again!  It sat on a bed of fat cous cous pearls, so cute right?  There were also heirloom tomatoes, and other greens mixed into the cous cous making it rather aesthetically pleasing ;P

I reminisce stabbing into the salmon, tender chunks coming off...and dabbing it into the oregano mayonnaise..

Annnnyyyhooood moving on to dessert before I drool..:D

When I saw the Baked Whole Apple Crumble ($13.00) on the dessert menu below...

I HAD TO GET IT!  I've recently grown a real big liking for crumbly desserts, ESPECIALLY APPLE CRUMBLE! It all started with cheesecakes and pies..I would always looove eating the biscuit base of cheesecakes, and the crumbly toppings of apple pies..savouring the last bits of it like a kid with a favourite toy..and I figured one day, WHY NOT JUST MAKE EXTRAAAA CRUMBLEEE??? HAHA! Thus I have been doing so ;)

So when I spotted crumble in the title of the dessert, it was a must get. hehe.  Now you know my history with crumbles.

My belly crumbled witttthhhh deeelight as we dug into the absofulllyyy delicious concoction of baked apple stuffed with guess what? SUPER MOIST CRUMBLEEE studded with raisin and drenched in rummmm ta yum yummmm!! It sat on a bed of moooore crispy crumble and was sided with the yummiest cinnamon ice-cream I have ever had in my life! It was sooooo smooth and creeeamy that when I ate it I felt like a chiiiilllled bean floating in a vast ocean...

Okay I admit imma little weird HAHA so let me intrigue you with our second dessert!! My hungry friend wanted the Frozen Pavlova ($14.00) and though I am not usually a fan of pavlova, prejudicing it to taste like plain crunchy sugar, I WAS SOOO SHOCKINGLY PLEASED WITH THIS FORM OF IT!

Like the name suggests, it was froooozen ice-cream style, studded with cuts of watermelon and topped with a layer of pillowy marshmallow torched lightly giving it a bit of a smoky flavour.  SOO GOOOD! And the fresh fruit accompaniments were lovely :)  

I was sooo belly happy with experience at Kingston and Co, that I have been raving on and ooon about it to whoever will listen to me hehe.  Only slight problem is that the prices are steep, so I can't visit them often :( O wellls marshmallowws!! 

A special thanks to the Manager who always takes excellent care of me :D

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