Sunday, 2 February 2014

Three Williams, Redfern

After reading many reviews about this cafe situated in Redfern and hearing about a certain crunchy French friend I call toast, or toast I call French friend :P I finally got a chance to check it out!

The cafe was quaint and well lit and buzzing with happy chappies!  We were soon attended to by a lovely waitress who put us down for a table. I wandered around the cafe, taking in the aromas of the foods, and spying through the cabinet filled with pink glazed donuts and other sweet delights! 

Annnd hardly much of a wait later, we were seated!  

Glen, the owner, came and asked us "Do you like fish?"

Here ya go he said and gave us a plate of Fish Croquettes ($3 each).  These crispy footballs of perfection were stuffed with the most amazing creamy fish innards that when we bit into them, I was surprised at good they were!

Here it is, my Fried Tempeh, Asian-Style Pickled Vegetables, Sriracha and Lime Mayo ($12)

Firstly, the narnie bread was beautiful,  To be honest, I thought that overall, the dish was quite bland.

The other Narnie we got was the Glazed beef brisket, slaw, gherkins, chipotle mayo ($14).  
  The slivers of beef brisket were super juicy and literally melted in the mouth and the slaw was a great contrast of textures.  This dish was awesome.

And for the finale, the Crunchy brioche French toast with blueberries, yoghurt, roasted pecans and maple syrup ($14).

It was a huuuuge slice of brioche bread completely covered with crunchy bits and dipped into maple syrup with innards  that were super soft and fluffy.  The yoghurt and berries were a lovely finishing toouch!

This was the cool kids corner where all the cool kids hang.  

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  1. The fish croquettes are awesome aren't they? And their crunchy brioche french toast is so addictive!

    1. YERRSS! I was really surprised cos i don't usually get fish! hahaha those crumbles on the toast were aamaaazing :9

      we must try their frieeees i hear they are awesome!

  2. loved the french toast here, amazing!

    1. soo good, loved how the insides were so fluffy!!!

  3. i love the narnies! craving for them right now!