Thursday, 10 October 2013

We eats in Melbourne- Day 3!!!

So for my final day, my friend and went to have breakie at Crabapple Kitchen, Hawthorn!!

I fell in love with the cafe the moment I my eyes fell upon their lovely white picket fence draped around their entrance. 

Annnnd unto the foooood! I knew exactly what I wanted, and that was the Myrtleford Buttermilk Pancakes with Pears, Pecan Crumble, Vanilla Mascarpone, Spiced Sugar and Pure Canadian Maple ($17.50).  It was as delicious as it sounded, I liberally doused the maple syrup all over the perfect pancakes.  The outsides were slightly crisp, and perfectly warm and fluffy on the insides.  Not to mention the pears entrenched inside that fluffy goodness..and that vanilla mascarpone was AMAAAAAZIIING!!!!! 

I can safely say they were the yummiest pancakes I have ever had in my life! So sad they are so far from reach..buutttt

.. lucky for cheap tickets these days!!! :D The next time I go to Melbourne I will DEFINITELY be back for these babies!

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Next we went to Auction Rooms Cafe, Peeeea had highly recommended this place to me, so I had to check it out!  Turned out he was right, the place was awesome and the food was just as awesome!  We got their famous Tea Smoked Salmon with Quinoa Potato Hash, Braised Kale, Poached Egg and Bearnaise Sauce ($17.50)

The dish was very nice, the only problem was I found the hash to be a tad tasteless, even with the bernaise smothered all over it! Other than that, it was deeelish crispy goodness!  The salmon was cooked to perfection with the outside being nice a crisp and the innards half raw, YUMS!

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Starting to feel the fullness creeeping up on us, we persevered on to check out the Queen Victoria Markets.  I had heard much about them so was soo keen to seee all the hypee!

Our first stop was the Bratwurst Shop and Co which I heard had the best hotdogs! We got the Spicy Bratwurst ($7.50) and the lady was like "what toppings would you like?" and I was like eveeeeerything! Muahahahas! And so I literally got every topping there from a zillion different kinds of mustards, pickles, chilli paste, tomato relish, even gherkins (hahaah i find gherkins humorous for some reason), pickled onion, cheese, to the most fluffy and delicious sauerkraut I have ever had, not that I have tried a lot but damn it was fine! she was awesome :D !! It was by far the most juicy awesome hotdog I had ever had!


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Next we got one of these lamb bread things, not sure what the shop was called, but it was goooooood!

We were soo full by that stage, but had to try some Jam Doughnuts ($1 each) from the famous American Doughnut Kitchen! :D

My piping hot and delicious doughnut! The jam was o so lovely and o so sweet, the dough wasn't like your usual doughnut, it was kind of dense and kind of squishy, in a good way and the sprinkles of sugar rounded the doughnut off perfectly! HAHA I was licking the remnants off me hungreee fingers, maybe :D  EVEN when I was stufffeeeed.

And then we continued...for dessert of course :P HAHAH!

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The Oriental Teahouse, Central Shopping Centre was our first stop.  We got their Steamed White Choc Dumplings ($8.90), which was kind of like a steamed mochi stuffed with melted white chocolate and topped with shredded coconut, crushed peanuts and sugar.  They were super duper yummy and gonneee in a flash! hahaah

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We took a break from food for a while, and shopped around the shopping centre, well mainly me looking for goodies to bring back for my family!  

We then decided to venture over to my highlight dessert spot, Luxbite, South Yarra.  

Our picks of the day!

Our favourite out of the three, was the Meringue Monster ($8.50)!  It was a delicate tower of green tea sponge, pistachio, watermelon yoghurt, sour strawberry mousse and meringue.  It was beautifully light, fresh and deliciously fragrant! :)  

This was the Endless Love ($9.00), a beautiful concoction of lychee ganache, rose cream, lychee and fresh raspberries.  I thought this was only soso, tasted a bit articificial, but quite yummy nevertheless!

The third dessert we got was their Caramel Cravings ($7.50).  I did not really like this, I found the caramel so dense and tasteless abd didn't really go well with the biscuity base.  The chocolate didn't taste very nice either :/  The caramel macarons were yummy though!

I liked Luxbite, I did, but the inconsistency of the desserts kinda made me a bit wary of visiting them again..maybe in time :D

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I split with my friend after Luxbite and wondered off up and down the streets of Melbourne CBD.  I checked out a lot of quaint little shops, food places and shopping centres.  Until belly started calling did I pop over tooooo Mr Burger again! But the other joint because the truck I went to the other day was closed already :( 

These guys were too shy to smile properly at me haahahahah

But eventually caved and tried :) 

AGAIN! Mr Burger, the juiciest, tastiest burger I have eveeeer had!!! Quite different to my favourite Wagyu Burger at Rockpool which is fancypants gourmet style, but this baby was the tasty American style burger, and I haven't even tried an American burger but I reckon this is how it would taste :P

I was soo excited I was literally busting at the seams with excitement!!

For early dinner, I went to Trunk Bar and Restaurant cause I wanted meee "The Burger" ($10).  THE BURGER. Now waasssaaat you might ask? It was a 175gram Fresh Ground Wagyu beef layered on a deliciously grilled buttery brioche bun, baby cos lettuce,  thick cut tomato and house-made pickles.  And OMMGAAH IT WAS SOOO FRIGGEEEEN DELICIOUS!!! It was like the burger at rockpool but a smaller version, and so much cheaaaaper! Omgoodness.  The meat was so thick and juicy, tender and flavoursome I was in aweee.  

So that was the end to my Melbourne trip, oh and might I add I also got the Liquid Lamington ($8) takeaway to sluuurp on my long walk back to the hotel.  It was the most delish combo of cuboid sponge, coconut, chocolate and vanilla ice cream.  So yummmmy for me tummmmyy!!

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  1. The place is actually in Glenferrie near Swinburne uni. Not South Yarra. And Breakie should be brekkie. But good job on your blog though.

  2. Oooo thanks Sally!!! I edited it :D Hahahaah I'll stick with breakie though :P

  3. The lamb bread things is a borek which is a Turkish bread

  4. yes. sorry for the late reply.