Sunday, 13 October 2013

Paramount Coffee Project, Surry Hills

So yesterday, Bee and I finally checked out Paramount Coffee Project!!! I had been dying to try it ever since seeing loads of photos of their soft shell crab burger all over facebook which stole my heart away, and maybe that peanut butter waffle too..aaaaand they were exaaactly what we ordered! :D

I actually took this pic on a different day that pea and I ventured all the way out on lunch break only to find that it was closed.  Man were we peeeeved.  Well at least I was!!

Luckily this time it was open, more than open, like full to brim with hungry peeeeps open! YAY!

There the cooks were busily working away on the overflowing orders!  Bee and I were drooling at the sight of numerous plates of soft shell crab burgers, beef brisket sandwiches, waffles and milkshakes zooming by our very noseees.  Man were we hungry by that point!!

While we waited to be seated, we checked out the cafe.  The style of the cafe was pretty much like a huge open, communal space.  People were in and out, with bikes and many were floating around looking around at their random collection of things, there were little gadgets for sale, bikes..

Pot plants..cactus plants...massive bananana leaf looking plants O.o quite random but interesting nevertheless hahahaha

Once we were seated on one of the massive communal tables, we browsed the menu for like two seconds, tossed between getting the waffles of the milkshake but we were like naaah, WAFFLES ALL THE WAAYAYAY! So we got that and our Crab Po Boys ($18)!!!

It was one HUGE HECK OF A BURGAAA! It was a beautiful composition of soft shell crab, slaw, ranch dressing stuffed in the most delicious warm milk bun.  YUMMMOS! Only gripe was that it could have done with more ranch dressing,  which I asked for and they were most accomodating, giving me cute little bowl of it so that I could slather all over me fat burga :P


Did I mention how juicy the soft shell crab was? :D

Now what is this plate of awesomeness? WEELLL apart from the obvious smiley face, we have theeeeeeeeee Peanut Butter Ice Cream Waffle ($15)!!!

The waffle was maaaasiive!! Its density was just right, innards nice and fluffy and topped with two massive scoops of oober creamy peanut butter ice cream.  It was super DELICIOUS not to mention the dulce de leche and hazelnut sauce was drizzled all over it! :9

I found the waffle not very sweet which I am not use to, but CAN get use to, which my sister likes, and WANTS to get use to :P

Hahaha picture of a tree that was propped up on the table.  It really was a really pretty tree, and definitely blocked the noseys from peeping over at the foods of other patrons :P TEHEE.  Thats all for now my bellybeans! 

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  1. The burger looks awesome, and lol I've lost count of the number of PCP waffles I've seen on my IG stream.

  2. the waffle looks and sounds amazing!

  3. u look so happy !


  4. hahahaah i know right i felt like i had already eaten it before actually eating it! haaha! when you go ask for extra dulce de leche sauce and slather it over the waffle :D

    tehe i was :D that burger was bloooomin briliant!