Sunday, 20 October 2013

Bridge St Garage & Diner and unto "Let's Do Dessert" at Baroque Bistro!

Moment I walked in I knew we were in for quite a food adventuuure!  The diner was buzzing with life and party, but low key which was good.  I don't like it when I go into a restaurant and there's loud incessant shouting.  Its like a downward spiral, having to shout everything cos everyone else is shouting and having to strain to hear what everyone is saying, makes for a very stressful dinner, no like.

We were given our menus by the most lovely staff, they were super helpful and quick to get our orders.  After perusing the menu, we settled on the guacomole and corn chips, sweet potato chips and beef ribs.  

Our Guacomole and Corn Chips ($13.50) came first, and it was fantaaaastic!  The guac was fresh and tasty, and I think there were pecorino tomato which are my favourite tomatoes!

Next came what I was super looking forward to, the Provoleta ($14.00).  Think fondue, but cheeeese and bread, but the official and lovely description for this dish was Argentinian-style grilled provolone served with a  chimichurri sauce and toasted herbed sourdough.  

Annnnd then came our Sweet Potato Chips ($9.00)! I had kind of expected your usual thick cut fries, but sweet potato! What we got instead were things more like fried zucchini flowers which were yummy but too got too fried and heavy towards the end that we couldn't finish them!

We also ordered a side of aioli, which we transformed into spicy aioli with some Mexican chilli sauce that the lovely lady serving us kindly supplied!


And not long after, our main came, the mammoth sized Asado De Tira, Argentine Short Cut 400g Beef Ribs  ($38.00).  The meaaaat was so flavoursome but a tad on the tough side!

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Next came Let's Do Dessert!

For those who dont know, Let's Do Dessert, is this years version of Sugarhit for Good Food Month.


Valrhona 'Dulcey' Bombe Alaska
Valrhona 'Dulcey' chocolate parfait, rhubarb, pistachio, meringue.

Price per person $20 includes a glass of Brown Brothers dessert wine.

Available throughout Good Food Month in October  
8pm - late, Tuesday - Saturday. Please note offer is not available : Sunday and Monday nights, and 3, 23 and 30 October.

When we got there we were meesssmerized by the dishes upon dishes of their lovely desserts being made...

We decided to get their Let's Do Dessert for one, share it, and get another dessseeert cos we fatties and wanted varietyyy hahahahah

So we started Let's Do Dessert with a Glass of Brown Brothers dessert wine :D Not a wine fan but this was yuuumoooos! 

And ooout zoooomed our Bombe Alaska- their dessert for the year.  

 There was toasty marshmallow-y meringue draped ever so gracefully over an ooober smooth cylindrical mousse Valrhona 'Dulcey' chocolate parfait which was sitting on top of a super soft and moist pistachio sponge base.  After our photos, the wairtess promptly brought over a little saucepan of alcohol ON FIREEE! Hahaha!!! They poured the fire-y alcohol over the Bombe Alaska, super cool!

Itt left a sweet citrus like glaze over the meringue!

 The meringue was melt-y in the mouth, the parfait was so rich but yum and I loved the pistachio base which was super moist!

And untoo our next dessert being the Zulu ($12)!  It was a dome of Valrhona ‘Araguani’ chocolate mousse, salted caramel and dark chocolate ganache paired with biscuitcrumbles! I thought it was such a cute little dome of chocolate mousse and salted caramel.

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