Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Kepos St Kitchen, Redfern

One fine morning, Jie and I decided our adventure for the day would be Kepos St Kitchen! We arrived and stood 'miring our destination. Imagine cute corner cafe, cosy but filled with a huge line of customers, curving all the way around the corner. Despite the long lines however, they managed to seat us within 10 minutes. It was magical! There were also loads of goodies on display, I was especially fascinated by the pineapple and coconut slices!

We started off with two Pomegranate Virgin Mojitos ($9 each), which turned out to be such a pleasant surprise.  It was so fresh and zesty and I loved the addition of the mint leaves.  Pomegranate, well the beauty of that flavour is self explanatory!

We went through the short and sweet menu and chose to get the Baked Eggs with Sourdough ($17) and extra eggplant cubes.  Although it was overall tasty,  our only gripe was that there wasn't a meat option- I usually like chorizo with my baked eggs, thus is why we got the eggplant for extra flavour.

Now the Tel Aviv Falafel, Green Tahini ($12) was one of their signature dishes.  They were not your usual falafels I tell you.  They were ginormous falafel balls deep fried and coated with copious amounts of sesame seeds.  And by copious it overpowered the felafel flavour.  The side of green tahini was brilliant though- I used that generously!

IMO: Favourite of the day

Next came our Steak Sandwich, Caramelised Onion Jam, Wilted Spinach, Aioli and Roasted Tomatoes ($19).

Firstly, the bread.  It was the highlight for me.  Imagine super fresh sourdough pan fried with butter until crisp but still soft and fluffy on the inside.  Then layered with slices of soft, succulent, tasty steak, sweet caramelised onion, fragrant roasted tomatoes, wilted spinach and very generous lashings of the creamiest aioli sauce.  Epic.

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  1. Love baked eggs, these ones look pretty awesome!

    1. they wereeee and if youre a fan of eggplant definitely get some of those :D

  2. would love to try those falafels. definitely something i haven't seen at any other restaurant before

    1. teheh yesss you must! and that sauce was amazing