Thursday, 24 October 2013

Chophouse, Sydney CBD

Finally, I'm getting around to blogging about my birthday dinners!!! :D
First stop, Jolly my favourite lolly took me to Chophouse, a steakhouse located on Bligh St, Sydney CBD.  From the moment I walked in, I was totally memerized by the deco and ambience.  It was dim lit, spacious aaaaanndddd TOTES LOOKED LIKE AN ABATTOIR!!! It was ooooober coolbeans!! Not to mention the awesome guy singing and playing his guitar who happened to be sitting directly opposite our table :D

Our complimentary sourdough bread with a deliciously creamy block of butter on the side :D

And as usual, Jolly insisted I get an alcoholic beverage, and for once I agreeed for the sake of my birthday :P Sooo pretttyy and pink was the Lychee Blush, which was peach liquer lemongrass, red grapefruit and there weer fat and juicy lychees in there somewhere :D Hehe

Next came out entrees.  We opted for the lovely Potato Scallops and Parmesan ($9.90) which were topped with rosemary, salt and truffle oil.  TRUFFLE OIL!!! I LUUUURRRRVEE TRUFFFFLE!!!! Which is why when I saw them on the menu, I had to had to HAD to get them!!! Hahaha notwithstanding the cute little metal basket they were served in :D Ohs and did I mention they were deeeeelish?  So truffly and crispy on the outsidess with the fluffiest  potato on the insidees. Yummmooos!

Next came our Cauliflower Gratin ($12) filled with gruyere and sourdough.  This was Jolly's recommendation, and I pass the recommendations on cos it was soooper yummy!!! Sooo cheeesy and sooo creamy.  My two favourite things muahahahas.  The night lookeed VERY promising at that point :P

Our Shoestring Fries ($8.50) and Mixed Leaves ($8.50) came next and they were great! The fries were lovely and crispy, and the salad had a super nice and zesty balsamic dressing!

Annndd theeennnn druuummrroooolll doooodidoooo hereee comesss the..


Wagyu Rump Cap, MB 8+ (37.90)


The steak is privileged yo! It gets to be described in bold cos BOLD IT WAS TO BE SO YUMMMY THAT MY BELLY FROZE IN AWE!!

Hahahah! It was the most juicy, moist, tender, FLAVOURSOME and perfectly cooked piece of steak ever! The marbling was sooo beautiful, the fat perfectly melty in my mouth! My eyes totally glazed over and I snuck a peek over at Jolly and her eyes looked pretty glazed too! Bhahahaha! 

Just look at that!!!! :O

For those who don't know Wagyu Beef or are curious I pulled some info from a factsheet on Wagyu.  Here ya go!

Wagyu beef or sometimes also known as Kobe beef, originates from a small group of 
breeds of cattle from Japan that are genetically predisposed to high marbling. The 
great thing about Wagyu beef is that even though the meat is heavily marbled with 
intramuscular fat, this type of fat is of the ‘good’ or unsaturated kind. 

There are some interesting farming methods and perhaps a few urban myths about 
Wagyu farming where farmers have been known to play the cattle music, hand 
massage them, and give them beer and sake as part of their diet. 

Hahaha what a good life right? 

Here is the full article :D

The food was sooo good that we finished EVERYTHING!

And thheeeen whilst we were rubbing our bellies in delight, suddenly came...

A lovely birthday surprise!! This beauty was the Sticky Date Semifreddo ($9.50).  It was essentially three layers of crumbly moist biscuit base, sticky date ice-cream which had coffee dates in the centre of it and a final layer of toasty marshmallow.  Ohhh my gooodnesss, and eaten together with the salted caramel and pecan praline, we had the most glorious dessert ever.  It has jumped to my list of favourite desserts :D

Thereeee! Can you see the coffee dates? :D SO GOOOOD!

We were so beeerrryy beelllyy happppeeeeee!!!! Can't wait to go back yay!! Thanks for such a beautiful night, love love love you loooooots :D

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  1. So did you like your steak or not? lol. Sounds like an awesome night of food!

    1. UM YES? HAHA i LOVED IT!! You must go try :D :D :D