Thursday, 24 October 2013

Chophouse, Sydney CBD

First birthday stop, Chophouse, Bligh Street.

Our complimentary sourdough bread with a deliciously creamy block of butter on the side!

Lychee Blush was yummy.

Next came out entrees.  We opted for the lovely Potato Scallops and Parmesan ($9.90) which were topped with rosemary, salt and truffle oil.  They were super crispy but we struggled to finish them, I think they just tasted too fatty haha.

Next came our Cauliflower Gratin ($12) filled with gruyere and sourdough.  This was Jolly's recommendation, and I could see why.  It was so cheesy and tasty, and very addictive!

Our Shoestring Fries ($8.50) and Mixed Leaves ($8.50). The fries were lovely and crispy, and the salad had a super nice and zesty balsamic dressing!

Wagyu Rump Cap, MB 8+ (37.90)

 It was so tender and flavoursome and melted in the mouth as I bit into each piece, The best.

A lovely birthday surprise!! This beauty was the Sticky Date Semifreddo ($9.50).  It was essentially three layers of crumbly moist biscuit base, sticky date ice-cream which had coffee dates in the centre of it and a final layer of toasty marshmallow.

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  1. So did you like your steak or not? lol. Sounds like an awesome night of food!

    1. UM YES? HAHA i LOVED IT!! You must go try :D :D :D