Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Birthday dinner at Porteno, Bodega and Longrain! :D

My next Birthday dinner destination was Porteno, Surry Hills.  I had heard brilliant reviews about their 8 Hour Woodfired Pork and other meats, and I was soooper excited to check this place out!


We chose the Calamares Asados ($28) to start with.  The food came out quickly which was awesome as we were staaarved.  We were given a very generous plate of thick juicy slabs of BBQ calamari, marinated green beans which were sitting atop a pool of thick, creamy, yoghurt tahini tartare.   This was really good.

The next dish that came was the Repollitos De Brusela Frito ($16).  They were fried till crispy perfection, tossed together with lentils, mint and dressed in a simple vincotto vinaigrette. It was such a good dish, but note that it was super oily!

Apparently they supply the recipe for this online..need to go hunting for it after this!

Then came our much awaited meats.  We opted for half Chanchito A La Cruz and half Cordero A La Cruz ($46).  The beauty of Porteno is they allow you to go go half half with the meats, that way you can try more! 

The 8 Hour woodfired pork (Chanchito) and 8 hour woodfired lamb (Cordero) had me swooning!. They were both super succulent that they literally melted on the tongue.  The crispy pork crackling was really tasty and I loved the crispy edges.  The lamb was also delicious but not as good as the pig imo!

Then came the Tira De Asado ($40).  These were beef short ribs cut at 2cm across the rib, and though it was super flavoursome, the meat was way to tough for our liking.  I struggled to chew and swallow the pieces which put me off the meat, such a letdown.

The meats were served with a bowl of chimmichurri sauce which was very delicious.  I think we finished using all of it.

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Our next stop was Bodega, Surry Hills, which is the brother store of Porteno.  

We got their famous "Banana Split’ Cream Flan, cream flan, Banana Marshmallow, Dulce De Leche Ice Cream ($16). The flan was soooo creamy topped with roasty caramelised marshmallow, and the brittle salted peanuts were a great contrast to the melt in the mouth softness of the flan and marshmallow.  It came with dulce de leche ice-cream and creamed banana!  That sauce though, I did not like.  It was sweet and sour, and was such a weird accompaniment to the rest of the dish.  If I got this again, I would ask to get it without the sauce.

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Our final destination for the night was Longrain, Surry Hills.  This restaurant is one of my favourite places for dessert, I have so many fond memories of dessert runs here!

IMO: Favourite 

So this tower of beauty was the Taro and Coconut Pudding ($16).  It was a huge slab of deliciously dense and moist taro and coconut cake, topped with peanut ice-cream, fresh shaven young coconut topped with crispy roasted coconut and drizzled with ooozy palm sugar.  

Last but not leeeast, the Black Sticky Rice with Coconut Tapioca ($16).  It was also topped with young shaven coconut and crispy roasted coconut flakes.  Mm I found this rather average, but I think I have very high standards of black sticky rice because I come from a country where we have this regularly.  I loved roasted coconut flakes. though!

It was such a fun night, and I really appreciated my friend who brought me to all these places :)

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  1. ohhhh man i heart porteno so much esp the woodfired pork!!! looks like you had an epic birthday dinner!

    1. I did indeeeed!! :9 you should try the lamb toooo it was almmooost on par :P

  2. happy birthday!!! now that's a birthday feast :D

    1. Tehehe thanks Annie, you're sweet :D :D

  3. hey ellie i'm organising the annual food bloggers meetup but i cant seem to find your email address on your blog can you please email me asap? susan@chocolatesuze.com

  4. Woohoo birthday trifecta! Couldn't think of a better way to celebrate. Happy belated birthday!

  5. Seems like you had a great time :) This made me miss travelling. I used to jet off somewhere for vacations before I got too busy managing a Chinese Restaurant in Capalaba area. You just inspired me to go out more, hahahah!