Tuesday, 17 September 2013

We eats in Melbourne- Day 1!!

Upon arriving in Melbourne around about 12pm, Jia and I headed straight for Huxtaburger, the burger joint I had fallen in love with after much research into the best burgers in Melbourne!

And OMGAAHHH IT WAS DEFINITELY ONE OF THE BEST BURGERS I HAD EVER EATEN IN MY LIFE (nothing ever beats Rockpool's Wagyu burger of course)! Ahhh I'm salivating at the thought of it :9 Anyhoots we decided to go for their classic, the Huxtaburger ($8.50), featuring the softest, fluffiest, sweetish most delicious brioche sesame bun I have ever had.  It was stuffed with super juicy beef pattie, mustard, mayo, tomato sauce, tomato, cheese, lettuce and pickle.  The burger was oooozing with flavour, and it was the perfect size, and when we bit into it, it held well, everything blending perfectly together.  It was so simple yet the yummiest burger I have ever had.  I think the bun was the main highlight, nothing beats that soft, fluffy bun.  

An innards shot reminds me of the moment we bit into the burger and eyes glazed over with happiness.

twas AWESOME!! :D

We vowed we would be back to try the other burgers, namely a delicious looking and sounding Denise  which is essentially the Huxtaburger but with jalapeno and sriracha mayo (a spicy mayo), and follow through I did! I got a couple of burgers on the way back to Sydney for my family :D

Huxtaburger I love you, and I cannot wait to go back and try your burgers again WOOO!

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Our next destination was Big Boy BBQ and Le Triskel, a creperia I first tried years ago and fell in love with.  Since then, I HAVE TO go every time I head to Melbourne.  Usually friends will do the navigating, but this time I was with my sis so I had to be the navigator, which probably wasn't the best ahhaaha but what I did find out was that Le Triskel was located on Hardware Lane, a certain awesome lane with a certain awesome cafe called Hardware Societe located somewhere nearby...... :)  Was really tempted to go that day, but decided to stick to the plan and go the next morning for an early morning breakfast experience :D


Aaaannd we found Big Boy BBQ! :D SO EXCITED!

Look at their crazy menu..the Zee Man...:O  Was really tempetd to try the Little Girl, or maybe even the Big Girl bahahaha but we only had that much stomache room..:(

So The "Zee" Man burger ($13) it was! It was a tower of indulgence, copious layers of of sliced juicy beef brisket, smoked cheeeese, tooonnesss of fried onion strings (this was our favourite part, the onions were crispy, juicy perfection) and thick lashings of BBQ sauce sandwiched between two warm sesame buns.  Man was it good, the flavours worked perfectly together and I added some chilli sauce to it to give it a bit of an extra kick! Ombelly those onion strings were so good...

Now you're probably thinking what is this lump of mash? Well, I was thinking that too, and still am..
What was supposed to be smoked beef chilli with brisket burnt ends and beans ($6) turned out to be this :S I suppose the description does fit it, but for some reason I was more visualising crispy, caramelised brisket burnt ends sitting near some beans as opposed to them being mixed together into a mash thing. Didn't taste that great in my opinion.  

We also got The New Yorker ($15), which was crispy rye layered with many many many layers of beef pastrami, swiss cheese, mustard and pickles.  This was a bit of a disappointment.   Firstly, it was dry, like bark dry.  There was a lot meat which was good but not enough cheese and something to make it juicy.  Even after adding more cheese and mustard it was still dry :(

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Next we moved on to Le Triskel, me happy as you can see with my favourite, the LA MONGOLFIERE!!

There we have it, the La Mongolfiere ($10), super soft, beautifully textured crepe parcel stuffed with delicious vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, mixed berries and chocolate sauce.  I can't begin to explain how much I love this plate of beauty, just look at its innards!

Did I mention I got an extra mini jug of chocolate on the side to drizzle all over the crepe? Their chocolate sauce is freakin amazing!  Thick..gooey..chocolaate gooodeyness!! Buahahah 

I get this everytime, and I know I should try something different...hmm I guess ONLY if there are many others going so we can share a couple of dishes :D Oooos and I also want to try their Le Croque Madame,  a toasted sandwich, Swiss gruy√®re cheese, fresh tomato, ham, topped with a fried egg, HOW ABSOLUTELY AMAAAZING!! TEHE

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 We walked around shopping in the CBD  Westfield, and stumbled across a little cafe inside selling this glorious hunk of fluffy pretzel topped with caramalised sugar and cinnamon ($5).  It was really really good!!  Still piping hot and fresh out of the oven :) Yummoos!

Suddenly it was nightfall, and so we walked across Spencer Street Bridge towards the Crowne Plaza Casino and got awesome views of South Yarra and the Yarra River! Sadly it was a very short walk, was tempted to walk back and forth so that the walk would be more long and romantic HAHA

Anyhoos, we found out desinatttiioon unknooowwwwn knowwwwnnnn knowwwn! THE MERRYWELL!
The Merrywell is divided into two sections with two different menus, the downstairs which serves burgers, snacks, salads etc and the upstairs which serves the more classy foods, such as wagyu mini burgers, lobster rolls, and their famous MAC ANDCHEESE BITES!! :O 

So we started downstairs, obviously we were going to eat at both sections :P

Super cute tray of sauces and condiments to use at our pleasure :D Me liked it very muchly already!

And out zoomed the The Merrywell burger ($22) we ordered, or should I say a glorious mass of goodness  landed before our eyes!  The beef pattie, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions, tomato, special sauce, bacon and a side of fries were perfect! It was on par with the Huxtabuger we had earlier on, and so suddenly I had another favourite burger, oh nos TOO MANY CHOICES! :O

Hahaha I kids, the more the merrier ;)  So back to the burger.  It was huge, and the soft bunds were layered with a suppperrbly thick and juicy meat pattie, it was quite different to the pattie at Huxtaburger-- whilst the Huxtaburger used a perfectly formed pattie, to the point of being pretty, the one in the Merrywell burger was lumpy, rugged more of a meaty manly feel ahhahaah, both VERY aesthetically pleasing ;)

Oooh did I mention their very generous side of thick crispy fries? And we got to use their cute sauces yay!!!

After we scoffed all that down, we moved on upstairs to try mooore!

Their Mac and Cheese Bites ($13) we got were amaaazing.  

They were nice and crispy on the outside, and filled with the mosst cheeeesy macaroni I have ever tried! It was sooo tasty, we didn't even dip it into the housemade bbq sauce they gave us because they were absolutely perfect on their own!  

We also got their Poutine ($15), thick steak fries topped with generous lashings of gravy and super melty cheeeese! 

Look at that cheeeeese! To be honest though, I didn't really like the gravy they used, it had a funny taste to it.  The chips and cheese were great though!

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We walked around the Casino, and I must say it was reaally pretty! 

It was around 9-10pm and our next and final stop for the day was The Pancake Parlour.  We initially wanted to go to Burch and Purchese Sweet Studio, but luckily we called to check if they were still open because we found out they only open till afternoon!

The Pancake Parlour was super cute, with funky designs, trees and cool booths to sit in!  We gunned for the most spacious booths and their menu of course :P

But what caught our eye even before we scanned their menus, was the special of the day, the Home-made Hot Salted Caramel Sauce pancakes ($15).  We'd be nuts to skip anything salted caramel since we LOVEEEE salted caramel so we opted for that, and were soon SERVED with the most delicious looking pancakes ever!!! Just lookiee at that!!

These were so good.  The pancakes were super duper fluffy and the salted caramel sauce..omggggollyy to dieeee for!  Oohs and the crushed almonds were amaaazing.  The whole concoction was freakin awesome, I can't praise Pancake Parlour enough for this new addition to the menu :O yummos.


I actually went back again for their pancakes before I left, and I was only in Melbourne for 3 days, it was that good :P

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So thats all for day 1 folks! Stay tuned for moreee soon! :D