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We eats in Melbourne- Day 2!!

So unto part 2 of our Melbourne adventures!

We woke up fresh and bubbly ready to scour the streeets, starting with the much awaited, much anticipated...none other than the most famous...drumroolllll....Hardware Societe!

We landed ourselves on Hardware Lane no problem, but therein lay the problem of finding the actual restaurant amidst all the little extra alley lanes and coffee shops...but eventually we did! It was the shop below and we missed it because we thought it was called 'Marche' but then upon walking past again a second time, noticed the smaller title in the second pic 'Hardware Societe'. 

A lovely array of hams, spreads, and other sweet and savoury condiments that I was oogling at until I got distracted by these babies!

We decided on just getting the Banana Loaf ($15) as we had many more food destinations planned for the day!

And out zoomed our Banana Loaf, which was essentially 3 thick slices of fresh baked, still warm, banana bread layered with banoffee mousse, caramelised bananas and roasted peanuts.  Kinda a sweet and salty balance which was yummm.  I really liked that banoffee mousse!

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Next we trudged on to Wonderbao which was tucked away in an alleyway nearby RMIT University in Central Melbourne. Now I was really keen to try this little joint as I have recently become a big fan of fancy pork belly buns, crispy pork belly buns, all things buns. Just keep in mind that they only start serving the pork belly and other fancy buns at 10:30am, but they do serve the other buns like cha siu, vege buns etc!

Soya bean milk!!

So we got the Braised Pork Belly Gua Bao ($4.20).  The soft, pillowy buns were filled with pickled mustard, coriander and crushed peanuts    The buns were just like the ones used at Ippudo Sydney, and the whole composition of flavours of Wonderbao's pork belly buns gave Ippudo's famous pork belly buns a run for their money! 

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We decided to check out Belgrave Street, the famous alleyway filled with cute, quirky cafes and patisseries.  It is a staple visit, theres something really warming about the cluster of cafes.

We drifted along...

And soon found our next destination, Waffle On.

  We opted for the Canadienne ($7), being crisp waffle with the most fluffy innards one could ever have!  It was also topped with a really nice and light maple syrup and massive scoop of vanilla bean ice-cream.  

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Next we headed over to Movida Bakery (now called Tivoli Road Bakery) in South Yarra, I had been reallllyyy looking forward to this place, you know why? BECAUSE THEY HAD DOSSANTS! (Their version of the ever so famous cronuts first discovered in the US, and attracts 1km lines everyday all day.  Check this out!!-And-no-cutting)


So we got a Raspberry and Custard Dossant ($5) and Chocolate Mousse Dossant ($5). Oh and of course some of those awesome doughnuts, a Salted Caramel Doughnut ($3.50) and Raspberry and Custard Doughnut ($3.50).  

And let me tell you, it the Dossants were beautiful.  They were light and fluffy, exactly like a croissant but slightly more dense.  Our favourite was definitely the raspberry and custard, I always love those two flavours together :)

Look at that ooooozy salted caramel :9 yummmos!!

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We headed back to the CBD soon after, and I found my much anticipated Mr Burger truck! 

I got the Mr Burger ($9) which was one epic burger. It was packed full of juicy flavour I really liked their sweet buns and juicy beef.. The oozing American cheese blended with the mayo and mustard was a real killer combo. The chips were thick and crisp and seasoned with plenitful chicken salt. 

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After dropping my sis off at the airport, I headed over to meet my friend for dinner at Chin Chin, Flinders Lane.   On the way I stopped by to check out the graffiti walls that I had heard were famous in Melbourne, and I could immediately see why! They were fancypants designs, not like those ugly onees you sometimes see scattered on Sydney streets!  I chatted to some ppl who were hanging out there, and they told me they were being "inspired" by the awesome drawings!

The innards of Chin Chin were beautifull! Again, impeccable service.  The guy there managed to get us a table really quickly, and we were soon ready to be seeeerved! I already knew what I wanted to order, so that part was easypeasy!  

The first dish that came out, and reallly quickly, was the Kingfish Sashimi with Lime, Chilli, Coconut and Thai Basil ($18).   The kingfish was soo fresh and the zingy lime and coconut went to well together!  We looooved this!

Followed closely by the Crispy Barramundi and Green Apple Salad with Caramelised Pork, Chilli and  Lemongrass ($26)! I enjoyed the balance of sweet, sour and chilli and the green apple gave the dish a super fresh kick with the beautifully sweet meats to give it intensity! yuuuums!!!

The 'Son in Law' Eggs with Chilli Jam ($8) were so soft and fluffy with ooozy innards..and the chilli jam was the beeest! Sooo flavoursome!

I would have liked it even more if the innards were more ooozy! But delicious nevertheless I almost ordered another serve but I decided to wait it out to save room for the other dishes!

Next came the Caramelised Sticky Pork with Siamese Water Cress and Chilli Vinegar ($26).  It was the dish I was looking the most forward to! The pork was done perfectly, ever so sticky, sweet and absolutely delicious! And lets not forget the crispy skin of melting fat...yuuummmos!!

 The other dish I was most looking forward to was the Twice Cooked Hopkins River Beef Ribs ($29).  The meat was soooo juicy, falling away effortlessly from the bone and swimming in a sweet and sour prik nahm pla fish sauce, which was quickly soaked up by the tenderness of the beef.  This turned out to be my favourite dish of the night! 

Just look at those oober tender chunks of beef!!!

Finally we progressed on to dessert, hahahaha
We got the Coconut Sago with Sweetcorn Ice Cream, Praline, and Puffed Wild Rice ($14) which was creaaamy with super squishy sagos..and the crispy wild rice.  Who knew sweetcorn ice cream could be so yummy!!!

We also got the Palm Sugar Ice Cream Sundae with Salted Honeycomb and Lime Syrup ($14).  The palm sugar ice cream was super creamy and the honeycomb gave it a lovely crunch and and that lime syrup was a really good balance to the sweetness!

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