Sunday, 18 August 2013

Stitch Bar, York St Sydney

Finally caught up with Hons during the week at Stitch Bar and as usual, the bar was super packed! Luckily, after grabbing seats at the bar and ordering some drinks we were given a table by the super efficient staff.  We opted for two types of cider, I can't remember the names of them but they were quite night and light, tad fruity even :) 

The Bar was low lit, cosy and had a good level of music playing in the background so that it was lively but not to the point where we'd have to scream to hear each other haha

The last time I came here I got the BLT Burger and also wanted their famous Mad Mucky Dog but it was sold out :( Luckily today, we got in early and it was available!!!! YAY! So we got that and the beloved BLT Burger.  Their dishes come with a side of curly fries and me being super fussy and greedy I wanted to replace one set of the curly fries with my favourite chunky potatoes muahaha but sadly they were alll gone already :(  Shows how good they are aye? hahaha ahh well their curly fries were just as amazing!

Just look at that beautiful duck, orange and pistachio sausage, foie gras de canard & truffle sauce hotdog ($19).  The bun was warm, crisp on the ousides and nice and fluffy on the inside and ombelly the glorious truffle sauce was amazingggg.  Not to mention the super juicy, fatty and flavoursome sausage that I was tempted to gobble up without the bread! :D  Mind you, the combination of truffle and foie gras de canard was incredibly rich and certainly not for the faint hearted! Hahaha I kid you, I guarantee everyone would love it :D

The mountain of curly fries were such a hit! We were snacking on them throughout the meal, and also asked our kind waitress for some mayo, mustard and tomato to dip them into.  They were so tasty already without the sauces, but you know me and my sauces :P

Now most people associate Stitch Bar with their amazing hot dogs however I tried the BLT Burger once by the recommendation of one of the staff and after that vowed to get it every visit from then on.  It is actually one of my top 5 burgers that I've tried in Sydney, see my list on the Burger Adventures page :D

Anyhoots back to the burger.  Beef burger with smokey chillies, bacon, lettuce, vine-ripened tomatoes, mayonnaise, mustard, dill pickles and deliciously melty cheeeese ($19).  The patty was cooked perfectly medium rare, thick and succulent and together with the nicely charred bacon, salads and cheese, it remained as one of my favourite burgers.  Absolutely amaaaazing!

Can't wait to go back to Stitch Bar and try their lamb burger and banana split! Till next timee peeeps! Thanks guys for an awesome time! :D

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  1. mmm i love the hotdogs at stitch but now i really want to try that blt!

  2. absolutely love stitch for their drinks and curly fries! will have to try a hotdog next time