Saturday, 31 August 2013

Milk Bar By Cafe Ish, Redfern

It was JT's birthday last week, so I took her to Milk Bar for fun times :D
First thing I noticed when I walked in, was the beaaautiful aroma of foods cooking, I mean look at those giant jam donuts that the owner Josh was busily piping away, I was so tempted to get one but had to rush and do some things so couldn't be distracted!!!   They were seriously huge, like the size of my fist if not bigger! And look at that injection nozzle thing, totally awesome!!

Anyhoots, busied myself preparing JT's birthday cake before she got to Milk Bar.  I was making a banoffee pie cake, had already made the base and dulce de lece at home, so just had to whip up some cream and cut up bananas.  

So there I was whisking the cream for like 10 minutes, and Josh was like "you have around about 30min left to go before it thickens" and I was panicking big time cause Jess would arrive in 10!!!  I was whisking so hard my arms felt like they were going to fall off! LOL 
But I persevered and got it thick enough, probably not as good as it could have been but good enough to plate! I quickly cut up the bananas and began to construct the cake. Josh took over not to long after and kindly popped the cream on, making it look all pretty!  Thanks! :D

He even put all these cool chocolate balls on as well as those fancy chocolate patterns in the middle! Wadda cool bean right? :P

I'm like SMILE YO! And he was like "nooo" HAHA so that was the best I could do, until next time!! :P teehehe

JT arrived soon after, and we got our seats and scoured the menu.  

The menu was super awesome, a mix of usual breakfast options, and then there were specials such as AI's freakin awesome chicken wings, soft-shell crab omelette, shakes and sundaes! They had such a comprehensive list of milkshakes that we had the biggest grins on our faces.  There was peanut butter and jelly, bounty, rocky road, miso caramel and manyyyy more!

We got the peanut butter and jelly and miso caramel ($7.5 each), as well as the soft-shell crab omelette ($15.50) and AI's freakin awesome chicken wings ($14)!  The wings come topped with either vinegar and shallot, crab or hot sauce.  We were recommended the vinegar so we went with that :)

Not long after, we were served our soft-shell crab omelette on a cute little wooden table! It came with a side of fries and wasabi mayo!

The crab was piping hot and fresh, and after squeezing a bit of a lime onto it, we dug in!

It was deeelish! The egg was cooked perfectly, stuffed with super crisp and flavoursome crab and avocado and there we had the perfect composition of flavours!  Not to mention the delicious chilli crab sauce that was lathered on top!  Oh and the fries dipped into the wasabi mayo was sooo goood! Loved the mayo!!!

Next we grabbed ourselves the chicken wings from the cute white basket, which were again cooked to crispy perfection, they were sooo juicy and the sauce..ombelly the vinegar and shallots were so tasty, zesty, totally addictive.  I distinctly remember me spooning around for sauce in the basket even after the meats were all gone :P

Loved the presentation of the food, kinda cute, kinda rustic and very aesthetically pleasing :)

And unto the milkshakes.  Oh my golly foodness.  These were amazing.  And I loved how they filled the glasses to the top, and gave us the remaining milkshake on the side!

The PBJ was a glorious concoction of the obvious peanut butter and raspberry jelly, but there was also salted caramel ice-cream and blueberry jelly :O WICCCKED! Hahaha

And the miso caramel was a simple mix of miso paste, vanilla ice-cream and caramel and it was freakin a-m-a-z-i-n-g.  It tasted like a salted caramel milkshake BUT BETTER!!! It had all the salty flavours there but didn't make me feel sick even after drinking the whole glass plus more! Woahs.  Sooo addictive!  It just jumped to the top of my milkshakes list!

Soon after, the cake came out, with a couple of the staff singing happy birthday :D
I was so excited that I forgot to take a photo of the cake lit up, sparkles and all :( but I promise there were sparkles, super pretty ones!!! 

After devouring our massive slices of cake we got ready to leave, but not before spotting..

MOREEE peanut butter and jelly goodies!! NOT GIANT PEANUT BUTTER JELLY SCROLLS??? Oh mans they were massive, double the size of my fist.  O.O  I was thinking to myself, hmm when I get one, would I bite straight into it? Would it even fit in my mouth? Or would I have to cut it? LOL weird food thoughts.

And their donuts looked amazing goodness everything looked so amazing that I vowed I would be back soon.  Not that I wouldn't be back for the awesome company anyway :D

Tarts..pastries...strawberries and custard.  I'm drooling at the site of these pics, and now officially hungry again.

It was such a fantastic date at Milk Bar and super excited to go back!! Thanks Josh and staff for all your help, you made it all possible! Hope everything went swell that day, and keen to hear all about it next time! :D

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  1. Whoah digging the cream ratio in your banoffee pie!

  2. aw shucks thanks :P loveeee my creams hahaaha

  3. I remember serving you, i'm glad you had such a swell time :)

    1. :O i rmb you too! you even sang for us bahahaha that was epic, thanks again! :D :D