Saturday, 31 August 2013

Milk Bar By Cafe Ish, Redfern

Visited Milk Bar and was wowed by these donuts. They were seriously huge, like the size of my fist if not bigger! And look at that injection nozzle thing, looked super fun!

Ok Menu.

We got the peanut butter and jelly and miso caramel milkshake ($7.5 each), as well as the soft-shell crab omelette ($15.50) and AI's freakin awesome chicken wings ($14)!  The wings come topped with either vinegar and shallot, crab or hot sauce.  We were recommended the vinegar so we went with that!

Not long after, we were served our soft-shell crab omelette on a cute little wooden table! It came with a side of fries and wasabi mayo!

The crab was piping hot and fresh, and after squeezing a bit of a lime onto it, we dug in!

The egg was cooked perfectly, stuffed with super crisp and flavoursome crab and avocado and topped with crab sauce.  Super tasty! 

Next we tried the chicken wings. They were tasty, but it was missing something.  The crab was better!

Loved the presentation of the food, kinda cute, kinda rustic and very aesthetically pleasing!


The PBJ was a concoction of the obvious peanut butter and raspberry jelly, but there was also salted caramel ice-cream and blueberry jelly.

And the miso caramel was a simple mix of miso paste, vanilla ice-cream and caramel and it was freakin a-m-a-z-i-n-g.  It tasted like a salted caramel milkshake, but better! It had all the salty flavours there but didn't make me feel sick even after drinking the whole glass plus more! 

Goodies I want to try out next time!about it next time! :D

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  1. Whoah digging the cream ratio in your banoffee pie!

  2. aw shucks thanks :P loveeee my creams hahaaha

  3. I remember serving you, i'm glad you had such a swell time :)

    1. :O i rmb you too! you even sang for us bahahaha that was epic, thanks again! :D :D