Saturday, 10 August 2013

Food Society, Darlinghurst

A long over due catch up with Jo brought us to Food Society, a funky little restaurant I had been super keen to try for the longest time.   We made our orders together with a couple of drinks!

First came their fried cauliflowers ($14.00) which were crispy and sweet. We came to the conclusion that not only were they beautifully fried, they were also caramelised, I think in red wine vinegar! Just imagine fat chunks of crispy cauliflowers, slightly sweet and sticky on the edges lightly dusted with paprika, parsley and watercress! So good.

Next came a plank of beaaaautiful lamb ribs sitting on a bed of chunky roasted potatoes, tomato, eggplant and spinach.  The lamb was so soft, so tender that the meat fell off the bones  however, I did not like it that much, I dunno I thought it was a bit bland.  Jo liked it though!

Then came the grilled cuttlefish on squid ink risotto, parmesan and salt baked cherry tomatoes ($27).  This I liked. The risotto was so flavoursome and cooked perfectly al dente!  I found the squid ink to be really interesting tasting, in a good way.  I especially liked the blobs of parmesan cheese!

Then came desserts!

We opted for their signature 'pashka' with strawberry compote ($12) which was kind of like a fluffy, deconstructed cheesecake topped with cookie crumbs and strawberry compote.   It was nice, but nothing really memorable.

The dessert that caught my eye was the beautiful chocolate ganache with chocolate mousse, white chocolate ice cream and bitter tuilea. The larger scoop was the chocolate mousse and when spooned into, there was the white chocolate ice cream inside.  It went really well with the chocolate ganache and bitter tuilea.  Awesome contrast of flavours.

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  1. oh man those lamb ribs sounds incredible!

  2. Yum love fatty lamb ribs, and eggplant is such a natural match too. The pashka looks like messy fun!

  3. They were indeed! Must try the cauliflowers too, soooo goooood. Pretty keen to try their Snickerdoodle sundae :9

  4. I love lamb ribs! And errmahgerd, that chocolate ganache with everything chocolate dessert plate look and sounds epic!!!