Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Devon Cafe, Surry Hills

Finally got to check out the much anticipated Devon Cafe for Brunch on a rather remarkably sunny Saturday morning!  The Cafe was situated in the heart of Surry Hills, right on Devonshire Street.  Parking was super easy to find which is awesome cause I will definitely be back! The Cafe was super cheeery and warm with a couple of tables out front, and then a whole section of tables out back!  Loved the quirky vibe to the cafe, and the smell of fresh baked goods and breads had me even more excited than I already was! But I controlled myself, and took photos instead :D  

 The lovely owners Noni and Derek were super cool and warm and got to chat to them whilst I waited for S to come! I was drooling at the site of their beautiful treats that they had on display, and was already subconsciously counting how many I could fit in my belly after our mains :D

I was oogling at these massive Nutella banana muffins, and was completely sold when Derek told me they were also filled with Nutella! :O

S got her dose of coffee, I'm not much of a coffee fan so I skipped that and went straight for the food menu!
Though I'm sure my LG will be very happy to know that they use Alchemy beans for all their standard coffees! :D

We opted for the Devon Ultimate Toastie ($25) which was a huge and delicious composition of grilled mushrooms, super melty fontina cheese, fried eggs sitting atop slightly crisp sourdough and finally sprinkled with super fragrant shaved truffle. Everything was cooked to perfection, the mushrooms were sweet and deliciously hearty and the cheese was sooo oooooozy that I had the cheeeeziest smile on my face!I looooove cheeeese!!!  :9

The delightful innards of the toastie, loved it to bits! It was super rich, flavourful and definitely the favourite dish of the day. I can see why everyone has been raving about it :D  

Apparently this toastie is only a seasonal menu item, so I suggest you guys get in soon to try it, I guarantee you will love it!

We also got the Little Lost Bread ($16), being their glorified version of French toast with grilled banana, Nutella, rhubarb jam, peanut butter ice-cream and peanut brittle.  It was absolutely a-m-a-z-i-n-g!!!!!  Oh mans my heart skipped a bit when I saw kind Ray bring us this plate of beauty.  

It was rich, chocolate-y goodness and the rhubarb jam and peanuts cut the sweetness a bit, not that sweetness is ever a problem :P hehe it was marvelous, especially topped with all those crunchy peanut brittle bits!

It was oh so goodly good that I was contemplating getting a second one, but decided on getting the Nutella Banana Muffin ($4.50) I had been eyeing earlier on :D So off Ray went to get me muffin!!!  I was going to ask him to warm it up, but he advised me not as they were freshly baked and would taste better left that way, and I'm so glad I listened because it was still warm and the edges nice and crisp! :D Love me muffin tops, especially when topped with copious amounts of melted chocolate-y goodness...

It was so beautiful I almost didn't want to cut into it, but fat chance haahahah!!

Look at its insides! Swirls of Nutella and chunks of grilled banana running through it, oh so perfect! 
I gobbled it down, S admitted defeat after a few bites but my belly perservered and ate it all! Even got extra melty Nutella on the side, thanks to rather accomodating Noni, you da best! Ahahahah! 

I was so pleased with the food and service, will definitely be back for moreee!  Thanks guys for such a lovely feed and afternoon, and can't wait to see you guys again!  :D  Oh and to try your Citrus Cured Salmon  and other delectable lunch items I saw you guys serving to other customers when I was walking out! 

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  1. devon is the best! absolutely love everything they offer!

  2. Whoah the nutella banana muffin looks amazing! I'm sold!

  3. absolutely love devon, especially the little lost bread. That toastie looks amazing! That muffin is a beast... I had one for afternoon tea and pretty much did not have dinner that night haha

  4. I love devon too! and that ultimate toastie looks freaking awesome. pity I missed the season.

    1. You should go Devon Cafe now!! They now have a dish called the Emperor's Eggs- Asparagus and spring vegetable baked eggs, brioche prosciutto soldiers,soft herbs and ISTRIAN WHITE TRUFFLEES!!! :D :D :D