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Belly eats in Cabramatta!

Belly eats in Cabramatta!

So the thinker suggested we check out Cabra for some good eats, and I was ashamed to say that I had never thought of that myself! Fail on my part teheh but anyway offffff we went!  

After a good hr drive, and much anticipation for some awesome and cheap Vietnamese food, we arrived outside Lao Village at Fairfield (which was only about a 5-10min drive from Cabra).  But as luck would have it, it was closed.  I WAS DEVASTATED.  But the show must go on hahaahah, so we opted to check out the next store on my list of eats being Twelve Spices, Lao and Thai Cuisine at Canley Heights (few minutes from Fairfield). They had everything I wanted to try at Lao Village so I was super pleased.  

Oh yeah, the service here was awesome.  Out waiter was attentive, helpful and super nice :) After much analysis of their rather huge menu, we opted for the many below:

Lao Sausages, being pork sausage with nam jim, a sauce made of fish sauce, lime juice, palm sugar and chilli pieces.  The sausages were cooked to perfection, slightly crisp on the outside with super tender and moist innards.  It was bursting with flavour, seasoned with just the right amount of herbs and spices! 

The sausages paired really well with the tangy chilli sauce that was served with the dish, I remember dousing each slice rather generously with it :D

I had also heard about a dish called Nam Khao, being crunchy rice ball salad s we got that too.  A huge hunk of fried rice goodness with chunks of crispy rice (you know the crunchy bits that cumulate at the bottom of the pot?), pork, coriander..omg I dunno just a bit of everything tossed in a kind of sweet/sour/spicy sauce making it soooo tastily tangy heh! I think we were supposed to wrap up spoonfuls of it in lettuce provided to offset the strong flavour, but no can do, we want flavour and we want it NOW! And crunch for that matter, get some crunch into your life peeeps!! :D

Gaaahh...and now for the Crispy Quail. I so vividly remember demanding that we only go to this restaurant if they had crispy quail. hhahhaahah and were they amazing? YES THEY WERE!  Fried to crispy perfection, with the juiciest meat you would ever find, just look below!!

buahahah so delicious.

Finally, the dish I had been waiting for, the Crispy Chilli Basil Crocodile.  I'd been dying to try crocodile meat ever since seeing it on the Mizuya's menu, and finally the test, good or not so good?

And it was gooood! Excellent in fact! The soft meat was fried and tossed in a sticky spicy basil sauce and topped with crispy basil leaves.  Oh man it was belly belly gooood!

Now unto Cabramatta!  We decided to use this route, through the toughest I say! hahhaaha so we squeezed through the plentiful peeeps and got lost in the midst of all these foooooods!

Ahh taste testing the honey pomelo, ignoring the gasps from the thinker "its sooo dirty!!!!"  
And oh my it was delicious, so sweet and juicy!

Anyhoots SNACKING TIME! I had already decided at the back of my mind that I was going to buy and bring home these desserts and snacks as they could be eaten anytime whilst others would have to be eaten on the spot..

Like pandan waffles for instance! We stumbled across a cute old woman selling pandan waffles!! Just look at the amazingly greeen pandan waffle mix!

And verdit of the much awaited pandan waffle? I had been talking about this for the longest time, and they did indeed live up to the hype! They were superbly fluffy with a slight crisp on the outsides.  The pandan was a tad on the subtle side for my looking, but overall deeeeelish and soon, ALL GONE! HHAH! And did I mention they only cost $1? :O

On the way leaving home later, I got a couple of bags of waffles to bring home for my family, and they loved them foshizzleee!

A&A Cake Shop

These banh bao are why I came to A&A, they are the most ginormous buns filled with pork, sausage and boiled egg.  My favourite buns ever! Though I made the catastrophic choice of returning to get them after so we wouldn't have to carry them, but ended up finding out later that they were all sold out.  Soooo devastated. :( I should have known!!!!!!  Thinker was like "just get them at another store" and I'm like noooo its not the same :(:( but I did in fact get them from a different store and they were surprisingly good! :D

But we did get these to try, lovely warm, flaky type pies filled with lotus paste, taro and thousand year egg.  I loved the sweet and savoury contrast!

I actually remember melon taking me to Kaysone Sweets years ago, and me belly thinking, good stuff! And guess what? Years later, exceeeelllent stuff!

We got the sweet potato chips, banana fritters and taro fritters.  Unfortunately, photos were lost in all the confusion, well really just our hastiness to eat hahahaah

The sweet potato chips as pictured above, were so good.  So crispy, so tasty and what made it even better were the generous dollops of honey scooped over the chips.  Who knew right?

I think this is a banana fritter, which was quite nice, but the winners were definitely the chips and taro fritters!

Now unto the durian milkshakes.  Another key reason I wanted to check out Cabra.  This unfortunately was quite a failwhale durian milkshake.  In theory it looked good, we watched eargerly as they grinded the fresh durian pulps, scooped in ice-cream, syrups and etc however it just didn't taste right.  By right, I mean it did not taste like durian! The flavour was so subtle that it just tasted like melted ice-cream :( No can do yo!

We moved along..tried this weird ball, kind of like a massive mochi ball stuffed with taro.  It was pretty bland in our opinion, it had potential, but just needed something to give it that extra kick.  I was thinking some hoisin sauce and ABC chilli sauce would do the trick!

Anyway we went back to Kaysone Sweets to try their version of durian milkshake, and more foods HAH!  And I was so happy cause the milkshake was beautiful.  Everything I wanted and mooore! It had just the right amount of thickness, strong durian taste and was downright delicious :D beeeelly happpeeee!

We also got this being under-ripe banana encased in sticky rice, wrapped in banana leaf, grilled then topped with coconut milk and peanuts!  It was pretty good but I think as it was a very heavy dish, we could't really appreciate it as much because by that stage we were stufffeed ballooons hahaha

Yes we were full, but we persevered!  Had to try the much talked about fries from Red Lea.  These large crispy fries were topped with chicken salt and paprika, and they really were, very good.  So good in fact that we ate our way through the box, only leaving a few crumblings behind.  Hahah exaggeration, but we finished most of them! :P

We left Cabra soon after, but ONLY after getting loads of goodies to bring home :D

Green Peppercorn at Fairfield was our last stop.  We went purely to try their pandan brulee, and that awesome tuck tuck reminded me of my holiday in Thailand.  Haha good times!

Dessssert tiiiimeeeeee!  We quickly ordered the Pandan Creme Brulee and off the kind lady went and soon brought out this magnificent piece of art.

Superbly presented.  

It had a perfectly crystallised topping which we gently tapped into a sea of creaaamy pandan-y goodness.  Anything pandan and I go crazies over. hehe.  Anyhoots, it was deeeelicious! The custard was fluffy, rich and the pandan was ever so perfect.  I was in blissss.

As I said before, we were stuffed balloons.  Finished off our adventure with this.  I know, you're probably thinking, why is there a shot of a cup? Because it was like a magical cup.  The water from it tasted soooooooo pure and sooooooo good.  And the water kept icy cold, and same with the cup! It was so cool! Hahahaha 

So got home that night absolutely exhausted.  Was tempted by mum to try some of her pork stew, but had to decline as I thought my belly might burst haha

I can't wait to go back and try the other restaurants we did not get to try, like Lao Village, Bau Truong and Thanh Tinh!  Yaayy!

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