Thursday, 13 June 2013

The long weekeeeend :)

Gooooood morning my fellow beans! J

Sorry belly blog, I have been rather busy of late...but guess what, I have plentiful goodies to share with you and make up for my lack of effort ;)

Let us begin with last weekend.

It was bee and ba's birthday, and so cakes were in order!!

On Friday was Bee's birthday but she had youth group that night so I made her this glorious giant sized cake peanut butter cup brownie cake to bring with her to church :D  
I used my favourite brownie recipe, picked some random peanut butter mousse/cheesecake recipe, made  chocolate fudge sauce and used plenty of snickers bars!

And voila! A composition of beautifully rich, soft brownie, a thick layer of peanut butter which tasted a bit like cheesecake/mousse, and melted chocolate.

This was my slice :D
I actually did not get to try the cake until the next morning as my sisters had brought home some leftovers, there was probably about half 4-5 servings left, and after taking one bite, one slice, I wanted MOOREEE!I normally would't say it, but I was surprised at how good the mix was!!!   Preetty rich even for my standards but soooo gooood! I ended up finishing the rest of the cake, ahhaahahahah 
Later my sis was like, hey wheres the leftover cake? 
She was speechless.

A couple of us went to VIVID at THE ROCKS that night, and it was fuuuun!

We were staring at this for some time, and finally the silence broke, probably by me saying..umm what is this?  The lights were pretty though :D

This was cool, the building kept lighting up with different images.  Pretty funky stuff.

Cantina Mobil

There were food trucks eveeeerywhere!  We were pretty hungry by then, so opted to grab a bunch of food from different trucks and meet back at the grass area.

This was actually my first time eating at Eat Art Truck, weird right?

A guy I know actually mentioned that he knows the owners of Eat Art Truck, how cool is that! 

So we got the pulled pork bun with bourbon BBQ, shichimi chicken wings and beef brisket bun.  

Pulled pork bun, warm brioche bun filled with soft juicy nubbins of pulled pork atop a mass of mustard cabbage to give it a bit of a fresh kick! This was the one with bourbon sauce, tasted kind of weird at first but then grew on me, kinda sweet and salty haha!

This I found to be delicious! Again, the lovely warm brioche bun filled with super tasty beef brisket, kimchi slaw and chilli. YUMMAY!

This was my favourite at Eat Art Truck, shimchiri chicken wings, being fried chicken wings dusted with spices and topped with deeeelicious spicy mayo.  Omgaah yum.  I was tempted to get more, but had to restrain myself as I wanted to try all the other food trucks hahaha!

Eat Art Truck on Urbanspoon

One of the girls got foods from Let's Do Yum Cha, and though I didn't get to try any (I was still waiting in line for some mexican at Cantina Mobil) she said it was really good! I'm pretty keen to try their famous pork buns!

Finally, the mexican was served!

I got the shredded beef nachos topped with chilli beans, salsa, mayo and melted cheddar cheese.  The nachos were lovely, crispy and light! I also got the corn which was tossed with chilli powder, and other mexican spices.  I got a side of chipotle mayo to go with it.  Pretty nice!

We were super stuffed by then, so we walked on to look at more lights!

We climbed all the way up to the top of some balcony place, where the view was breathtaking. 

I really wanted to try the brownie at Agape Organic Truck which I was told was at the Opera House, and as we were clearly quite far away from the Opera House, we had a far way to walk.  We were pretty keen, well only two us really, hahahah so on we went for another food adventure!

Saw this on the way, someone told me that we had to go underneath it and dance for it to light up and do something really cool.  I actually believed them O.o

It was surprisingly not too far albeit lots of pushing and shoving through the mass of enthusiastic sydneysiders, and before we knew it we were there!

So we got the brownie, which they call "Organic Chocolate Spelt Brownie".  Gosh it was heavenly. Just look at this masterpiece! 

Warm, soft, moist, ooozy brownie topped with delicious melted chocolate sauce and topped with crunchy pralineeee.  Not to mention they had run out of sauce, otherwise judging from photos I have seen of this masterpiece, they usually have the brownie swimming in a sea of chocolate sauce :D HEHE can't wait to go baackkk and have me more browwnie and the rest of their menu :D

Agape Organic Food Truck on Urbanspoon

Guess what was next door to AGAPE?  


I almost forgot about this food truck! Had been reallly keen to try their jaffles, especially the chocolate fondant jaffle! Sadly they did not have it that night, so instead we opted for "Choc-a-Doodle-Doo!" Love their super cute names :)

The guy serving us was a really interesting fellow hahaah kept saying the most random things, even if half of his comments were paying me out in some way or another :P

There we go! Certainly looks pretty doesnt it? :)

Weeeelll unfortunately its taste was rather mediocre and bland hahaha though to be fair, the brownie set the bar pretty high, but still, not that great.  They used puff pastry, filled it with banana, chocolate and topped it off with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream.  They really could have improved it by filling it with more ingedients. I think a jaffle should be stuffed with ingredients, like bursting at the seams.  You know when you make a savoury jaffle and the cheese spills out around the edges? Yepp the chocolate should have been spilling out to ensure that it was nice and filled up :D This one was rather holloooow.

We hung around for a bit, took more photos and left soon after.  Overall, a really pleasant evening and rather keen to go back next year :)  

Aaaannnd, were the food trucks all they are hyped up to be? You bet! :D

Jafe Jaffle's on Urbanspoon

Moreeee eating :O

On Sunday we celebrated bee and ba's birthday together at Star City Garden Buffet.  After church I met up with my fam and we headed there, and waited in a ridiculously long line.  We were famished by the time we got in!
We noticed they changed their range of foods a bit, there were still the staples such as their famous prawns, salads, pizzas but they did have a few additions such as pork schnitzel (which I have a lot to say about), chinese BBQ station, CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN and many other meats as well as cured meats!

Our favourite prawns! These were suuuper duper fresh inddeeeed! We got about two fully stacked dishes for the 3 of us and we finished them all! 

Our other favourite, their caesar salad! I found grilled chicken floating around the buffet so decided to add that to the salad, and it was soo delicious! Definitely doing that from now on!

As I walked past the dessert section, I saw my favourite bread and butter pudding gazing up at me. What was I supposed to do? It was calling out to mee!! So even though I was only only on my second plate of savory, I got me some pudding! Hahahahaha!   I loooove bread and butter pudding..there's something so warm and comforting about it J

From their huge slab of gloriously warm, moist, perfectly glazed and backed bread and butter pudding with two huge pots next to it, one filled with warm butterscotch sauce and the other filled with warm creamy custard, I got me a rather large slice and spooned on copious amounts of butterscotch and custard. Lookiee at the swirls above! :O I believe I may have grabbed a jar of white chocolate on the way back to our table as well..teeehehe

The pudding was absolute perfection.  Sometimes I find that some bread and butter puddings (like mine) are super dry and the tops are rather stiff. This one has a nice glazed top with slightly crisp tops but super moist and tender bread pudding on the bottom. 

One of my other mains! I realised I did not take many shots of my savoury selections, can't remember why O.o but I did manage to get a photo of this one! There was a huge slab of pork chop, marinated chicken, wagyu beef (yes they had wagyu!!!), braised tofu, random babaganoush and something yellow at the back, can't remember what haha 

The pork chop was rather dry, but the rest were super yummy! 

Other savouries I fancied included crispy pork belly from the BBQ station, pork schnitzel which I went back for seconds as it was deeeelicious and the crumbed dory!  

Special note for fellow citizens who may go to Star City Garden Buffet any time soon, GET THE PORK SCHNITZEL, and douse it with LOTS of mushroom sauce! The mushroom sauce is located next to the roast beef in a huge pot, next to other huge pot of gravy.  

Speaking of gravy and mushroom sauce, look at this bowl of messy goodness.

Deliciously crispy beer battered fries which were delicious on their own, but even better topped with mushroom sauce and gravy!!! It was like my very own poutine, but limitlesss!! My sisters said they turned a bit soggy rather quickly, but I like it that way ;) Crispy some places, yet moist!! mwahahaha! Got two bowls of these.

My sisters had already got dessert whilst I was stuffing my face with fries, and so tried some of theirs.  Like most buffets, a lot of the desserts aren't all that great, so we're in the habit of getting one of everything first, trying them then getting more!

They were all quite decent actually, but only get extras of the white chocolate mouse and this pecan cake thing. Guess what was behind us? THE CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN with bowls of fruits, marshmallows and bits of cake to dip into the chocolate! I kept filling up little jars of melted chocolate and added it to almost everything including another slice of bread and butter pudding! The chocolate tasted like Belgium chocolate, not cheapo chocolate some restaurants use.  Ohh yeah there was an ice-cream station too! Soooo happy :D

The Star Garden Buffet on Urbanspoon

The next day was ba's birthday!!  

During the day ba and ma went soemwhere, not sure where but they were gone most of the day.  Bee and I headed to The Norfolk On Cleveland.  I have been dyyyying to try this place for the longest time, and finally, we got to~! I was keen to go on Monday for the $4 burger deal, but unfortunately we went at around 3pm and the deal only kicks in at 6pm :( Oh well next timee!

The lady serving us at the counter was so lovely, she took us through the super exciting menu and gave us all these awesome recommendations! Being fatties, we ordered chilli fries, grilled peri peri chicken salad, chicken burger and beef burger.  I distinctly remember hearing someone say "I'd be so surprised if those two girls could finish all of that", and finish it we did!

Super exciting menu, I can't wait to go back and try everything starting with the chorizo dog..yummm

The bar is separated into different sections, there is the bar area, then a cute dining area, and within the dining area there is another more segregated dining area for a larger group..we went for the more public dining area because it was just the two of us hehe

When the food arrived (very quickly), we were in aaawweee.  We were both like OMG OMG OMG!

Here we have it, a monstrosity of a burger, soft buns filled with two layers of beef patty, pickles, cheeeese, salad, bacon, bigMMM sauce (kind of like an aioli sauce I think) with a very generous serving of crinkle cut fries. It was so big I could hardly get my fingers around it let alone my mouth! But we somehow managed as you evident below.

Soon it was all gone.  The meat was quite tender and the bacon was cooked to perfection! Oh and the fries were deeelish! Nice and crispy with fluffy insides.

The chicken burger comprised of buttermilk fried chicken, salsa, cheese slaw and chipotle mayo.  The chicken was nice and crisp on the outside with super juicy and tender chicken innards. yeeeerm.  The coleslaw went perfectly with the chicken and we loved the chipotle mayo!

Both burgers were super tasty, however I think they would have been better if they were doused with more sauce.  That might just be us though because we like our burgers saucy! 

The salad was recommended to us by the lady who serves us, and she was right! It was deeelish! There was superly tender grilled chicken, fried haloumi, corn and salad and WAIT DID YOU SAY FRIED HALOUMI? Yep, coated in a light batter, my favourite cheese haloumi was fried to perfection.  teheheh we were so happy. This mass of goodness was tossed in peri peri sauce which was the perfect accompaniment to the already delicious dish!

I have been eating a lot of chilli fries as of late, and this one was definitely up there! Norfolk serves their chilli fries with thick crinkle cut fries and the usual stack of chilli beef mince, jalapenos, melted nacho cheese. Very tasty indeeed! :D

Overall, we had such a fun and interesting experience a the Norfolk and I cannot wait to go back to try the rest of their menu...maybe their ribs special on Thursdays!! :D

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