Sunday, 21 April 2013



So we finally tried the much talked about Ippudo, and in particular the pork buns :)


Now these did live up to the hype.  The mantou (white bun) was warm, soft and very fresh and the pork was juicy, succulent and reeallly tasty!!  It was teamed up with crisp lettuce and japanese mayo!  Mum reguarly makes a similar dish to this, braised pork knuckle and buns so I'm thinking I might add some mayo next time...:D who knows what the outcome might bee teehehe

Now the second course was the camembert tempura! These were awesome!!!!! As you can see, the cheese OOOOZED out of the lightly fried outsides and I am craving these now T_T

Oooh almost forgot about our ramen dish! I know ramen is the other star attraction at Ippudo, however it was soso! hmm we got the chashu ramen, and though the noodle texture was nice, it was quite bland :S

I don't even know where my photos of it disappeared off to. :O

Anyway, glad we tried Ippudo, it was a really fun experience especially when you enter and the whole restaurant applauses your entrance! :D

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  1. ha, the Ippudo in New York wasn't impressive either (I only tried the ramen). Sure there's some nice fatty pork belly you can get with it, but good ramen is about the broth and noodles.