Monday, 1 April 2013

Jam pack our bellies

Food adventures for the past week!

My sisters and I went on a massive food hunt last Saturday, we had breakie at Cafe Morso then popped by Harts Pub for their GIANT COOKIE IN A SKILLET! :D

We came for their wagyu urger, but found out it had been taken off the menu.  WE WERE SOOO DISAPPOINTED but we were assured that their new menu item, the lamb burger, was even better than the Wagyu! Skeptical, we gave it a shot.  It was more of a sandwich in my opinion, filled with a huge slab of lamb patty stuffed with all kinds of tasty flavours accompanied by hommus, coleslaw, tomato jam & and a side of giant potato wedges 

Both Jia and I agreed that this was the highlight of our visit at Cafe Morso.  The lamb was super juicy and flavoursome and the coleslaw and hommus gave it a unique and refreshing kick! 

And of course we got their bacon and egg gnocchi (which I get every single time). 

It was excellent as per usual, only complaint would be that is seems to have drastically decreased in size...
It now seems more the size of an entree..not cool :/

Anyway we moved on to Harts Pub.  

Rocks Poppers: Jalapenos, stuffed with cream cheese, cayenne pepper, crumbed and fried 
and served with a cool buttermilk ranch sauce! 

Had been eyeing these for quite a while, so even though we weren't all that hungry, got it together with a burger and dessert hahahahaah

DELICIOUS but really spicy!!

The Brewers Burger: Gaahh this was a disappointment.  At first bite I thought oooh tasty! Second bite GAH SALTY!! And it got worse and worse hahaahaha we ditched it halfway...


Yummy yummmy for my tummmmyyy!
This huge gooey chocolate chip cookie was topped with a HUGE scoop of vanilla bean gelato in a skillet!

Oh and the Chef was sooo lovely!!!! He was super jolly and was kind enough to give me extra ice-cream and chocolate fudge! I can't wait to go back :)

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