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Steak & Ribs

More eats at Outback Steakhouse :D

Sooo decided to head to Outback Steakhouse, have been thinking about this place, wishing missing it for the longest time, and finally got the chance to goo! Really wanted to share the love around muahahah it is my favourite steakhouse :D 

As you walk in, you are transported into quite literally, the wild wild west.  There are wooden booths and tables, funky outback music, hustle bustle and the most awesome staff namely the boss, you'll ever find. They are so warm and energetic and accommodating!

I mean look at this! 

A kind soul was walking around offering us samples of their delicious bushies being button mushrooms, seasoned and deep fried, served with spicy ranch dressing.   This was actually the first time having them and boy were they super delicious, one of their many delicious entrees on their menu!!  Was contemplating changing our entree to this instead or the popcorn prawns as recommended but decided to let my friend try  my staples first, either the onion rings or cheeeeesy chips! 

This time, we opted for the cheesy chips, I think I alternate between the two each time we come here!  

Their menu is super extensive, with steaks, ribs, burgers, chicken, fish, pasta and of course, DESSERT!

Ahh their complimentary bread, imagine crusty bread with super fluuffffy innnards and side of creamed butter.  Yes, absolutely deelish! Thinker was in aweee as we slathered moree and moooreee creamed butter on the breads! yuuuurrrmmm!

Next came the cheeeesy chips.  My love for this mound of deliciousness never falters, through thick and thin they have my whole heart. The chips are fat and crisp as usual, topped with aussie jack, cheddar cheese, bits of fried bacon and served with spicy ranch sauce.  Sooo gooood.  

Seriously guys, a trip to Outback Steakhouse is not complete it you don't get this! Oh and did I mention the portions here are huuge? Ahahaha I love it :D

Their salads here are delicious too, this one being the garden salad.  The sauce is lovely and tangy and went superbly with the nice crisp salad, and I must not forget to mention the garlic croutons :I

Not long after, our mains arrived!! We opted for the prime rib steak and ribs platter :D

The prime rib was a 350g hunk of succulent meaty gooodness.  Topped with herbs and slowly roasted medium rare, such succulence I tell you! Not even sure if that is a word! hahaha

It also came with a side of traditional au jus that we dipped the meat into to give it even more flavour! I personally like it without the sauce, but each to their own :D

Now each main comes with a side, options being dressed jacket potato, roasted garlic mash, chips, fresh, seasonal veggies, sweet potato and rice and I tell you they are all soo good. My favourites are the sweet potato which comes topped with fluffy cinnamon butter, and the jacket potato which comes topped with copious amounts of creamy sour cream, bacon, spring onion and melteeed cheeeese.

Our ribs platter was a glorious platter of pork ribs sitting on top of the most delicious beeef ribs.  I was gawking at it for like 20 seconds and then I went for gold ahahah 

The pork ribs were niiiceee but the winner was DEFINITELY the beef ribs.  Thick chunks of perfectly tender, juicy beef topped with the yummiest bbq glaze ever! Oohh wereee we amaaaazed! I always thought Pancakes at the Rocks served the best beef ribs, but OMG Outback is my new favourite for beef ribs indeeed! 

Soooo good!!  Can't wait to bring my beef rib loving friends heeree TEHEH

By this stage we were sooo full, but we persevered, ordering ourselves the ultimate dessert- THE CHOCOLATE THUNDER! I love this dessert, like love love LOVE IT! I can't begin to describe how good this is, but lets start with a huuge, warm, gooey slice of freshly baked pecan brownie crowned with a huge scoop of rich vanilla ice cream, drizzled with their classic warm chocolate sauce and finished with another huge scoop of whipped cream and chocolate shavings.  Gaahh I am salivating at the thought of this beautiful mass off chocolllaateyy goodnesss!!!!!!

We left so full, like need to unbutton some buttons kind of full hahaha, so full that I fell asleep in the car on the way home :O

TEHEH thanks for always making the bestest food and giving us awesome service guys! Can't wait to go backk, pretty keen to try the rib-eye steak and popcorn prawns!!!!

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Hurricanes Grill and Bar (Darling Harbour)

A group of us headed to Hurricanes at Darling harbour to celebrate our official admissions as lawyers!  After years of slaving away, we finally made it!

Apart from a dreary 2 hr wait in line, we had some pretty awesome ribs.

D and I were pretty keen so we opted to get a full rack of pork ribs, and after hearing great reviews about their lamb ribs, we got a half rack of those as well!  Food came out really quickly, and as you can see, we went the full experience, bibs and all! 

First came the garlic bread and complimentary brown bread, after the garlic bread I was reaching for the brown and D was like nooo save tummy room for the meaaat! Super glad I did, because there was SOO MUCH MEAT!  Trust us to be greedy hahahaha

Now these succulent lamb ribs, were the highlight of our meal.  Even though my friend had recommended them, I was still shocked at how good they were and HOW I HAVE NEVER TRIED THEM BEFORE!! D and I both agreed that the pork ribs, whilst good, were nowhere near as juicy, tender and flavoursome as the lamb ribs!  They were soo bland in comparison.  Ahhhh I'm salivating just thinking about them!  Ooh and musn't forget the delicious and crispy fries on the side! 

Here, the pork ribs were tasty as per usual but underwhelming ;P hehe still love them though!

The potato was done really nicely, we quickly popped the sour cream into it so it could melt into the pores of the potato. yummy.

The others got beef ribs and pork ribs, which we didn't try but presume were really good as their plates were squeaky clean!

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Outback Steakhouse
(Special thanks to Melon for bringing me here several years ago!)

We come here, at least once every 2-3 months and go crazy ordering hahaha!  Definitely our favourite steakhouse!  Apart from the food, I love the decor and ambience here.  Its warm, and really cosy, with cute booths to sit at if we want something more intimate, or if we want to watch sport then we sit at the bar which also has booths but facing the plasma screens! :D 

We always start off with the awesome entrees being the Bloomin Onions, a special onion is hand-carved by a dedicated bloomologist, cooked until golden and ready to dip into a side of spicy signature bloom sauce.   Next comes the Cheese Chips which are topped with Aussie Jack and Cheddar cheeses, bits of fresh chopped bacon and served with a spicy ranch dressing.  Our favourites :D

Ooh and can't forget the complimentary goodies hahaah! See that brown bread? It is called Bushman's Honey Wheat Loaf, a dark sweet bread served with sweet whipped butter, absolutely deeelicious! 

Victoria's Filet is always top choice as it is the most tender and juicy thick cut filet with a side of sweet potato topped with sweet cinamon cream sauce-- DELICIOUS!!
 Sometimes we add a Blue Cheese crumb crown which is super duper yummy!

Prime Rib cooked medium rare is the best! It is super soft and full of flavour, I think they marinate it!  

Did I mention the desserts here are the best???  Well the Creme Brulee was not bad, but the highlight dessert is the CHOCOLATE THUNDER! 

Chocolate Thunder: Freshly baked pecan brownie crowned with rich vanilla ice cream, drizzled with warm chocolate sauce and finished with chocolate shavings and whipped cream. I always get a side of chocolate fudge sauce!! Hahahaha yes im greeedy

My dream come true :D

Meat & Wine Co

I took Melon here for his Birthday couple years ago, and it was fantastic! He got the 300g Wagyu Ribeye MB + 6 while I got the 500g Wagyu Rump! Hahah mine was HUGE in comparison however his was yummier! 

Melon's Wagyu Ribeye which was soft...juicy...tender...succulent...super duper flavoursome! It was like cutting into a cake! 
The mash was really good too, really smooth and fluffy!

Look at all that fatty meat! :D

Hahah my monster of a steak! It was also very soft and tender but was no where near as flavoursome as the ribeye! I actually finished it hahaha!  I loved the chips, they were steak cut chips and nice and crispy :D

For Jie's Birthday we headed over to Meat & Wine Co again, this time we each got a Wagyu Ribeye except Bee who wanted 1kg Pork Ribs O.O She did say it was delicious though!

Next adventure will be to Ribs & Rumps!

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