Friday, 22 May 2015

Third Wave, Prahran

5am in the morning and I woke up thinking, I want to blog about Third Wave, so here I am! Haha.

I visited Melbourne a few weeks ago and tried so many delicious foods, and this particular restaurant carries a beacon in my memory.  

I must say, Third Wave, Prahran was tricky to find so when you go, and if you get lost like I did, just pop into the mall nearby and ask someone and they will point you in the right direction. I remember I said to the shopkeeper, "hi, do you know where Third Wave, the American BBQ restaurant is? And she immediately said and I quote "Oh you mean the popular one? It's just around the corner!" I wasn't even sure if it was the right one at that point cause she didn't know the name of it, so I was interested to see if I agreed with this statement!


First of all, when I entered, I was pleasingly greeted by a really bubbly and sweet waitress!  The funny thing is she's a vegetarian and I remember saying to're a vego working here? ;) hahahaha.  And then she showed me their Vegetarian Menu, and I was stoked at how many options they had! (I can't remember so its better you check their menu online!). To add to that, they even had a Breakfast Menu, with a yummy looking baked eggs dish!

I also got to meet the Head Chef Ryo Kitahara, who I let order some dishes for me haha I had a feeling that I could trust his judgement :P

I noticed that though the restaurant looked a lot like a cafe, very spacious and modern, with lots of dark wood- something I particularly appreciate! It was homey.  Not long after I ordered my food, out zoomed a....

My Pulled Pork Slider! Ryo chose this slider and though I am quite indifferent to pulled pork, I was surprised to find that suddenly I was thinking, wow I like this.  Can you just imagine, the juiciest 12 hour slow cooked pork with spices, layered on a soft seedy bun generously slathered with freshly made tangy coleslaw and pickled cucumber and mustard.  What I particularly loved about this, was that when I bit into it, it was smoooth so like everything welded perfectly together.  For me, that is pivotal in how I enjoy my burgers.

I wanted to try this, Smoked Salmon.  It came out on this beautiful blue plate, it was like a fish swimming in vast blue ocean!

Haha anyway, it was smoked using Apple wood, and the texture was the silkiest smoked salmon I have ever tried!  Two guesses what pot of sauce is? :P

Ryo surprised me with another dish, well a side of Grilled Mushrooms.  They were cooked in what tasted like a teriyaki sauce but with a slight difference- not quite sure what it is but it was super yummy. It got a bit too sweet for me in the end though so I couldn't finish it but would definitely order it with a group of people.

And then came a wooden plank of meats.  Squiggled the meats around for the more flattering shots :P

The back one was traditional Southern Pork Ribs rubbed with dry spices.  It comes served with 2 different BBQ Sauces - Que You Spicy BBQ and Apple Bourbon.  

And this fatty delicious giant bone of meat was the Beef Ribs! It was so smokey and cooked with a special kind of wood, I actually had to research it before typing it in and this is what I found:

Hickory wood-"Ideal for the strong traditional smoke flavour that goes well with beef, ribs and chops"  

Haha pretty interesting is it not? Heh.

Anyway, this beef rib was phenomenal. My favourite dish of the day and on par with my favourite beef rib in Sydney which is saying a lot cause I am picky :P  Why was it so good? The texture.  It was soooo tender, and not even in a fatty way so it was a great balance.  I particularly loved the charred caramelised skin and that sweetish flavour I don't know what they used to cook it but it was amazing....mmm I am craving it now.

I was given a couple of sauces on the side, there was BBQ, tomato and horseradish! I tried the beef with a bit of horseradish but preferred it natural ;D

Let me introduce.....Ryo!  I had so much fun talking to him.  I really respect his journey to becoming the Head Chef at Third Wave and interestingly enough he used to work in Sydney!

Then came my desserts.

Again, my love for those blue plates rekindled with a little extra!

There was a very delicate slice of Pecan Pie that came with a beautifully mango shaped dollop of Espresso cream and Vanilla Ice Cream.  That cream. 

But what I enjoyed even more was the Key Lime Pie.  Holy smokes this was the yummiest key lime pie I have ever had.  It was chilled, zesty and tasted like magic. I say, go try NOW if you can!


Overall, I was really impressed by the service, food and feel of the restaurant. Homey, laid back, a little quirky just how I like it. A special thank you to Ryo for cooking me this wonderful meal, I really appreciate everything!  I also what to thank the owner Greg who so generously invited me here and for that I am so grateful.  

I will definitely be back on my next visit!! :)

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Tuesday, 5 May 2015

The Potting Shed- revisited

Once upon a sunny Sunday, Timtam and I visited The Potting Shed for lunch on the weekend a few weeks back, it was actually her first time and well not my first time :P

I swear we only had to wait for about 10 minutes before out zoomed our piping hot, crispy fries, buffalo mozzarella and tomato salad (which was EPIC) and a new pasta dish they recently added to the menu.  Goodness me, I cannot remember the name of it, but it was something like a thin skinned cannelloni stuffed with pecorino, porcini mushrooms and truffle.  Yep, it was were those fries.  They were so tasty!

It was really mushy and tasty and the flavours welded together wonderfully, I reckon people who like salty/tasty stuff would appreciate this!

Then came our desserts.  First up was this board of beautiful soil....and plants...I won't tell you what it is...I think it would be much funner if you went yourself and gave it a try :)

Then there was the second dessert, the name once again escapes my mind but it was like a tall skinny cupcake filled with strawberry curd.   It also came decorated with  strawberry sorbet and cute little marshmallow mushrooms.

Sneak preview of what was happening behind the scenes.

Now I wonder what that liquid is....heh.

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

La Mesa, Liverpool Street Sydney

Hello my dear readers! 

The weather has had me craving warm...comfort food which brings me to...La Mesa.  Home of seriously authentic Filipino food.

I entered the restaurant to find very warm, quaint looking restaurant furnished with paintings, traditional artwork, plants, vintage wooden tables and chairs and cute lantern lights.  What I particularly loved was the cosy spot I chose to sit at, where there was a bookshelf filled with books and little trinkets.

The menu was vast! From usual to unusual dishes and by unusual I mean intestines etc. ;/

This, thank heavens, was not intestine.  It was the saucy Beef Tapa, slender and supposedly tender beef pieces marinated in a sweet soy sauce and side of chilli vinegar sauce.  I wasn't too fond of this to be honest, it was tougher than I liked and much too sweet.

Next was the Abodo Chicken, a generous bowl of super tender chicken fillets cooked in sugar cane vinegar, soy sauce, garlic and black pepper.  I have to say it grew on me, the sharp tang of the vinegar was tongue numbing but strangely addictive!

This was what I call the magical cauldron.  Kare Kare it was, deliciously soft oxtail swimming in a thick peanut sauce, eggplant and snake beans.  It came with a side of bagoong, a salty and spicy Philippine shrimp paste that paired wonderfully with the sweet creamy stew.

We also got a small side of garlic rice, which turned out to be a very generous serving. I loved the garlic-y fragrance and it tasted awesome with the kare kare.

Crispy Pata, fried pork leg, was actually what I was looking most forward to and their signature dish.  Kinda like a finale to the evening, out from the ashes came a huge plate topped with a mountain of pork pork and more pork! The skin was really crispy which was awesome but I didn't like the meat itself.  Something about it just wasn't yummy.

For desserts, we got the Cassava Cake which was pretty much a generous slab of baked cassava, you know that texture topped with sweetened milk, but roasted and caramelised. Just thinking about it makes me feel all mushy inside :D

We also got the Leche Flan, a vanilla flavoured egg custard.  I didn't like this much, it was crazy sweet and really egg-y.  Not a good combo in my opinion.  Can you just imagine? Crazy sweet custard and topped with syrup...yikes!


Overall, we had a great evening eating in what I felt like was a warm cottage, feasting on home-y food!  Can you guess which was my favourite of the night? 

As for those of you who like unusual body parts, maybe you can try the Sizzling Sisig.  I won't say what it is...but it is certainly not for the faint hearted!

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Yours truly and appreciatively, 


 Craving Spoonfuls of Wanderlust...

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Bloodwood, Newtown

One hot and sunny day...we brunch.

Choice of the day was Bloodwood at Newtown.  My goodness, I don't want to get into the details of getting to this restaurant, but let me just tell you, it was quite a challenge.  Think parking, Newtown, weekend, peak hour...I was so grumpy by the time I arrived.

The restaurant itself was pretty interesting, dark woods, dim lighting, overall very dark verging on eerie!  I quite liked the open style restaurant so I could peek at what the chefs were cooking!

The menu was concise with some really interesting sounding dishes, took me a while but there were some dishes I definitely had to try.

Our first dish that came out was the Braised lamb nuggets with pistachio crumbs to me 
was such a strange dish by name but proved to be very yummy from my first bite! The casing was really thick and crispy, like a chicken schnitzel! Though there was supposed to be pistachio crumbs, I couldn't taste it at all...pity as I was really looking forward to it :/

 We were deliberating over whether those green bits were chillis or jalapeƱos, and though I can't remember the our verdict anymore, it turned out to be the latter! They were nice to eat together between bites of the nuggets which were very rich and the sour jalapeƱos worked wonders to cut through the richness.

The nuggets were sitting in a sea of what was sort of a sweet/salty/sour soy sauce - it definitely gave the dish more umm...what's that word...oh yeah, dimension!

Next came our board of their famous polenta chips with a cute little cup of gorgonzola sauce on the side!  I was super hyped about this dish as I remember hearing about them a few years ago at Taste Festival, but let me just say, I was sorely disappointed.  I could literally only eat two of them before I gave up.  The crunchy coating was so tough and though the insides were okay, I would say that overall, they were tough and tasteless.  You would think that the gorgonzola sauce would give some perk, and though it did help little, I found the sauce to be rather bland too. Hmm..not sure how that works when that's supposed to be some stinky cheese...

This was totally our favourite for the day!  Exceptionally fresh chipotle tuna carpaccio.  Goodness me the tuna was so silky smooth and fresh not to mention the crispy green papaya and smear of plantain chutney (I wonder what that could be...) that it was sitting on.  The way I worked my magic was I got a bit of everything and popped it on a chia cracker.  See those seedy bits wedged between the beautiful tuna? :)

Soon after we got our cheese plate.  I was really craving cheese that day for some reason...

We chose the brie de nangis...from a cow in France? Haha I would like think so.  The brie was very nice and smooth and it was awesome with the raisin breads.  What I found really unique about this dish was the addition of earl grey soaked sultanas.  I loved it! The sultanas were bursting with tea juices which added just a little fragrant moisture to my salty cheese and sweet bread companions.

This was Bloodwood's famous trifle.  A cute little glass was filled with layers of coconut anglaise, pineapple, chunks of coconut dacquoise, rum jelly and fluffy yoghurt mascarpone.  I swear there was something extra in there that wasn't stated on the menu.  My guess would be that it was chunks of coconut dacquoise.  Whatever it was made the dish even more delicious.  I love this with passion.  

Then there was the jasmine infused tapioca structured into a cube topped with fresh mango, and again sesame crackers. The green mass on the side was yum.  What is that interesting green mass you ask? That my clever friends, I will let you figure out :)

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Yours truly and appreciatively, 


*** Craving Spoonfuls of Wanderlust...

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Mister Gee Burger Truck, Haberfield

Last weekend, I finally got to visit Mister Gee Burger Truck! I had been super excited to try their burgers for ages and only finally got around to it!  At the moment, they are located at 315 Parramattta Road, Haberfield in a carwash/cafe type place- actually not too sure, but here is a photo for better reference!

Was mirin the long line of people already lining up, and it was only 6pm!  We actually arrived early thinking that it would be open already.

The menu was looking pretty exciting, I was like "Hmm....should we get one or two fries?" He gave me this hilariously incredulous look of horror and he's like "We're getting everything!".  Closer.

We waited patiently for a good half an hr before they finally opened their doors at 6:30pm, must give it to them for punctuality, the blinds literally rolled up at 6:30pm!
Okay so fast forward around 10minutes, see that guy in the pink shirt and the girl i the grey shirt? They won Mister Gee's surprise special!! Which is the BURGERBAG where every Saturday, they pick one person from the line to go up to the truck and collect a mystery bag.  What a lucky man!  Couldn't see what was in the bag, but he certainly looked happy chappy!

Finally it was our turn and we made our orders.  Our food was ready within 5minutes! I was very impressed. 

I preceded to add chilli condiments to our 2 boxes of chips.
Death Sauce? You betcha! :)

Our loot of goodies ready to go as we walked to the park nearby.

First up were our Dirty Fries. Oh my goodness these were so delicious!  The skinny fries were very crispy and topped with copious amounts of melty cheese, mustard, tomato salsa and mayo.  It was already awesome but was even MORE AWESOME with my brilliant addition of deathly sauce :9

Now the main event of the evening, the mighty CHEESEBOOGIE! Wooohoo! I was actually really looking forward to trying Mister Gee's famous truffle burger...but since this was what was on that week, we rolled with it, and so glad we did because this was EPIC!  Just imagine...warm slightly sweet soft brioche bun encasing 2 thick beef patties, so juicy and tasty welded together with 2 or 3 slabs of super tasty American cheese.  Must not forget pickles and a little tomato relish to round off the flavours perfectly!

I was so impressed.

  We even had that moment of respectful silence as we bit into our burgers.

Also, I reckon two layers of patties were perfect the perfect meat to bun ratio.

We also got the Baklava Shake, and though Rob was like "Nah I don't think I'll like it, it's too sweet" and me not caring the slightest cause I liked the sound of it, he actually ended up agreeing that it wasn't too sweet at all! In fact it tasted almost like a healthy breakfast smoothie but only with crunchy bits of baklava strewn throughout! So good.

Would I go back? Definitely.  

9.5/10 bananas.

Yours truly and appreciatively, 



Craving Spoonfuls of Wanderlust...

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