Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Belly eats in London! :9


Amongst many other interesting visits, was my first food stop at Harrods Food Court- Lower Level. There were so many interesting looking foods on display that I was stuck on what to order!

Anyway I ended up getting a Scotch egg. Hmm. In my mind I had envisioned warm crispy outer layer with warm insides plus gooey egg centre yay! BUT IT WAS NOT THIS DAY! (LOTR haha).  According to the shopkeeper, in London, they serve their Scotch eggs cold, I asked why and she said it was to avoid reheating the egg which would cook the gooey egg centre.

I found it strange haha but I went with it.  I didn't really enjoy it, I prefer how its done in Sydney, warm and crispy. 

(There was pork mince and gooey egg centre)

For lunch, I decided to visit Barrafina, a Spanish Tapas restaurant in Soho.  The restaurant didn't have tables which was strange, so we all had to sit around the bar area, kinda like a sushi train.  It was quite fun to watch them cook food behind the counter (they cooked on the spot with fresh seafood hanging out behind them for fresh picking).  They were ridiculously fast at preparing the food actually which didn't affect the quality of the food which was STUPENDOUS! Haha.  First up was the grilled octopus with capers.

(Flesh was bouncy and grilled just right with crispy caramelised edges)

Then came the Morcilla with fried quail eggs. My great egggspectations was satisfied because this was freakin awesome! Who knew I would actually like blood pudding!

(Those two were sitting on grilled capsicum and tostada yum)

I'm thinking I'll visit again before I leave, maybe bring Jin with me, its his sorta thing I imagine. Haha.  

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For dinner, I discovered that there was a LOT of Arabic food near where I was at on Edgware Lane.  I was initially shopping around Oxford Street, and I must say it reminded me a lot of Orchard Road, Singapore!

So I ended up choosing a Lebanese restaurant called Maroush, which was had a really relaxing vibe and nice ambience.  It was so good cause I was so tired from all the walking and just wanted to chill out like a bean on a nice soft couch, which they also had :)

First came the entrees of hommus and tabouli.  

(hommus was so creamy and the oil so fragrant!)

And then there was light-- no heavy dose of meats! :P

My goodness thought the chicken, lamb and beef mind skewers were bloody awesome!  I particularly enjoyed the grilled chicken breast.  I mean an experience with chicken breast can easily be bad, but IT WAS NOT THIS DAY! Hehe 

Then the kind boss Paul, brought out special Lebanese desserts.

They were all quite similar, I recognise the Baklava because I have had it before and it was yummy.  The pastry very flaky and light.

(Baklava was the one back left)

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Day 2- Fossils and stuff.

So the next morning, I knew I wanted to have something biiiiiggg, something like a British Big Breakfast! :D

So I went searching for The Breakfast Club.  I got totally lost on the way and was so happy to find the place when my little dream was shattered when they told me that there was a 45minute wait.  I went out of the restaruant, looked around teh cirner, and lo and behold, a massive cue. And can you imagine, it was pouring rain?

I couldn't wait, so i sadly went in search of another eatery.  I remembered seeing this place on the way, cafe called L'eto Caffe, so I decided to go there instead.

It was a cute little cafe, with a huge array of desserts ranging from cakes, muffins, and sweet pies.

For breakfast, I opted for the Truffle egg on brioche.  This lonely sandwich was pretty nice, especially the bread, which was warm, had a crusty outer layer but super fluffy innards.  The only thing as that the cheese had not fully melted in the centre as you'll see in my other picture below.

(They sprinkeld truffled oil on the egg which was yummy)

(As you can see, there were chunks of cheese floating in my egg yolk :/)

For dessert, I ended up getting the honey cake, which was layers of soft and moist cake and cream.  Apparently it is a Hungarian spaiclaity! Not really my kinda cake though, I mean ti was nice but not soemething I'd ever order again.  There was this taste that I can't quite figure out what it is.

After breakfast, I went to find fossils. Muahaha.

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That's all for now! I am going to be updating my blog regularly this trip so stay tuned! :)

One of my best experiences so so far in London was at Hawksmoor Guildhall in London Business District, CBD.

I opted for the Express Menu which was 27 pounds, which was awesome because I got to choose three items from the menu.  The main was half the size than normal, but the entree and dessert were regular sized!

First up, was my choice of bone marrow and caramelised onions.

This was so so sooooo good!!!!! The bone marrow was soooo soft and oozy and it paired so well with the sweeeet caramelised onions even I was shocked, cause I vowed that I would never have a bone marrow as awesome as the one I had in the US at Minetta Tavern, but alas! I was wrong! And this one is now on par :)

(the crusty sourdough on the side was toasted just right!)

My main was the Ribeye and it was cooked just right, and was super tasty.  Sometimes I find steak can be a great cut and perfectly cooked, but bland, but this was seasoned just right with that beautiful meaty flavour all over! :9

(side of fresh lettuce which was surprisingly really good, the sauce was like a zesty shallot and garlic sauce. Yum)

Finally came my dessert, a slab of shortbread and peanut butter ice cream.

My goodness, again, so delicious.  Just imagine, a waaaarm crusty but soft melt in the mouth shortbread when bitten into feeling paired with cold and creamy peanut butter ice cream.  It was soooo good :9

Oh and did I mention that the centre, was ooozing with salted caramel? YUP!

Like I said before, favourite dinner so far! :) I am probably going to go back before I leave London.

Hawksmoor Guildhall Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

For breakfast the next day, I went to The Breakfast Club at 8am to avoid the horrendous queue that I have personally experienced the previous day, begins shortly after 8.

I got the Huevos Al Benny, which was a beautiful plate of poached eggs, roast peppers, avocado, fresh chillies and spicy hollandaise.  The hollandaise sauce was just right, nice and creamy and tasty and I loved the chorizo.

 Everyone around me got different foods, and they all looked delicious especially their big breakfast!  I might go back if I have time :9

The Breakfast Club Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

I actually just checked out that website, which is super cute!!!

I couldn't help but notice that over here, they package their sashimi so cute in their express take away sushi shops :D

Stay tuned for moreeee soooon!

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Thievery, Glebe

"We are thieves, not gluttons" is their motto. Haha.

Hummus sitting in a pool of warm burnt butter, paprika and flat bread!  

Oh my goodness gracious the burnt butter was so fragrant and yummy but the hummus was too thick for my liking. The bread was a bit tough but still went well with the hummus!

Then came our fried chickpeas with succuk (kinda like chorizo) and sheeps milk yoghurt. 

The chickpeas were crispy and melt in the mouth when bitten into, it went really well with the cold yoghurt and salty sausage! I reckon this was the best dish.

We also go the Lebanese fried chicken (LFC).
This chicken was very tender and the skin very nice and crispy and was overall pretty tasty.  It came with an interesting salty mayo sauce called ink toum, you can see it in the picture below.

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Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Sokyo, The Star

Cheesy + I = Double Birthday Celebrations!

Being both virgos, we are perfectionists....with food at least :P

Three years and still counting, we have our annual dinner somewhere between August and September to celebrate our birthdays. Yay!

The first dish we got was the Kingfish.  I thought the fish was very fresh and the miso marinate was very tasty.  I also like that it was laced with shredded crispy potato to give it a bit of crackle otherwise it might have been yummy but globby.  


This was the Moreton Bay Bug.  But tempura style.  It was actually really cute dish with all the meats in little bite size pieces. It was pretty nice especially with the sambal mayo.  There was also a sweet vinegar sauce that went well with it too. 


Then came the Robatas that I had no idea would be so awesome!  We got the Kurobata Pork Belly and Wagyu Tri-Tip. The pork belly layers of pork, pork fat and radish. And they were all grilled and caramelised.  The wagyu, was the best for me, the meat was so tender and tasty, and the sauce it was marinated in was so good.  Again, caramelised.


Then came our mains, this one being the Pasture Fed Beef Tenderloin.  I didn't like this at all, the meat was cooked medium rare which was what we ordered, but it was limp and tasteless. That was one forlorn looking piece of meat looking up at us, and increasingly more forlorn as it watched as its predecessors and successors get gobbled up. I don't even want to talk about those mushrooms they were weird.


The Miso Cod which I am not sure why is called the DengakuMan, was pretty awesome  I was looking forward to trying it to as I heard it was really good.  The fish was so tender and flakey and sweet...but that might have been the sauce.  It reminded me a lot of that deep sea fish that has become quite popular lately...the name escapes me right now.


Our final dish was the Tuna Crispy Rice. This was pretty unique, imagine pieces of fresh tuna sitting atop crunchy rice. In terms of flavour, it was average.


They gave us nuts. Crispy almonds. for our transition to desserts.  I like the way they think :)


This was the Yuzu Souffle, which was like a lemon-y flavour.  It was sooo fluffy it was like eating clouds, on clouds if you know what I mean.  There was also a side of creme fraiche ice cream which flavour was clouded among all that souffle :P


I was really looking forward to this last dessert, the Goma Street.  Again not sure why its called Goma, I was thinking it be a street in japan or something but couldn't find it on google. 

Anyway, it was like a layered castle of dark chocolate discs, caramelised white chocolate mousse and I can't remember what that black stuff was but it was yummy.  It might have been sesame seeds though, and that blob of ice cream was sesame also.  It was delicious.

Sokyo Restaurant - The Darling at the Star Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Brown Sugar, Bondi Beach

I remember the last time I went to Brown Sugar was for breakfast back in 2009. This time, we went for dinner and I could hardly recognise it, suuuch a transformation from breakfast to dinner! It was so warm, rustic and chilled.  

We started our meal off with an entree of Seared Scallops, Cauliflower, Golden Raisin, Pomegranate and Caper Salsa.

This was probably one of the yummiest entrees I have ever had, the scallops were so juicy with that nice torched flavour, and I especially loved the cauliflower puree.  It was so tasty and smoooth.  The golden raisin was surprisingly beautiful touch with its sweetness!

This was the Double Baked Cheese Souffle and I just remember when I bit into my portion, it melted in my mouth.  I was actually expecting it to be very smelly in a cheesy way, but it was not! It was nice and subtle! 

Then came our main of their house special, the Truffle Fish Pie.  I realised after some confusion of what that bowl of yellow mash was, that it was supposed to be stuffed into the pie! Aaaand...

It turned out looking like this!  Beautiful right? :D

The pastry was so warm and flaky, and the leek in the pie was very fragrant but not as fragrant as the truffle!  It was such a satisfying dish to eat, especially on a freeezing cold night!

Our next main was the Eye Fillet with Porcini Butter, Sugar Snaps and Thyme Rosti.

The meat came out a little tough for me so I didn't like it that much, the rosti on the other hand was pretty awesome, they actually really reminded me of hush puppies!

Dessert came in the form of one of my all time old fashioned favourites...Bread and Butter Pudding! Except that there was seriously nothing old fashioned about this, firstly it was stuffed with Quince and topped with Walnut Ice Cream and drizzled with plenty of Caramel!

The final dish of the day...was the Hazelnut Chocolate Fondant! And a generous scoop of Banana Ice Cream :D

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Monday, 22 June 2015

The Grounds of Alexandria, Alexandria

I have been here quite a few times now yet can you believe that I haven't written a post on it? :O

Anyway, we scouted the menu and chose the Sirloin Steak Sandwich and Crab Bruschetta.  They had so many new items and I was particularly excited for the 8 legged creature..


First came the sandwich which was a massive log of house baked olive ciabatta stuffed to the brim with fresh wild rocket, marinated capsicum, warm bread slathered with onion jam and finally a nice juicy slab of grass-fed minute steak.  It also came with a special side of herb mascarpone :9.

Every bite was so tasty and juicy, and I was quite surprised at how they managed to cook the steak a nice medium rare considering how thin it was!

And then came my craab! Think thick juicy pieces of crab flesh tossed in a delicious lemon aioli sitting in a heap of smashed avocado and seedy but toasty bread.  I loved all of it, it was so creamy yet so refreshing and I suspect there was a little bit of fresh lemon squeezed on had that refreshing zing!

Oh yeah we also got a side of Polenta Chips which were HUGE!  Each was roughly the size of a sugar banana! Anyway, these sugar bananas were deep fried mmmm and I think they had flecks of rosemary embeeded in them.  Imagine dipping those in a tub of chilli aioli heh.

 Last but not least, our dessert.

We played a game where D had to order the desserts and surprise me, so off D went to the desserts counter, coming back about 5min later looking very proud hahaha.

Not long after, came...

The raspberry one certainly passed the test on all accounts, the other one I was a little more hesitant about haha.

For the Raspberry Mille Feuille, just imagine layers of thick vanilla custard and pastry which was crispy yet a little juicy almost like they were slathered with syrup.  It was a beautiful balance to the subtle custard!  

Now the next dessert was the Pear Almond Slice.  This turned out better than expected actually, it was very moist and had a distinct pear flavour running throughout the cake.  You know what? It really reminded me of an upside down cake!

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