Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Brown Sugar, Bondi Beach

I remember the last time I went to Brown Sugar was for breakfast back in 2009. This time, we went for dinner and I could hardly recognise it, suuuch a transformation from breakfast to dinner! It was so warm, rustic and chilled.  

We started our meal off with an entree of Seared Scallops, Cauliflower, Golden Raisin, Pomegranate and Caper Salsa.

This was probably one of the yummiest entrees I have ever had, the scallops were so juicy with that nice torched flavour, and I especially loved the cauliflower puree.  It was so tasty and smoooth.  The golden raisin was surprisingly beautiful touch with its sweetness!

This was the Double Baked Cheese Souffle and I just remember when I bit into my portion, it melted in my mouth.  I was actually expecting it to be very smelly in a cheesy way, but it was not! It was nice and subtle! 

Then came our main of their house special, the Truffle Fish Pie.  I realised after some confusion of what that bowl of yellow mash was, that it was supposed to be stuffed into the pie! Aaaand...

It turned out looking like this!  Beautiful right? :D

The pastry was so warm and flaky, and the leek in the pie was very fragrant but not as fragrant as the truffle!  It was such a satisfying dish to eat, especially on a freeezing cold night!

Our next main was the Eye Fillet with Porcini Butter, Sugar Snaps and Thyme Rosti.

The meat came out a little tough for me so I didn't like it that much, the rosti on the other hand was pretty awesome, they actually really reminded me of hush puppies!

Dessert came in the form of one of my all time old fashioned favourites...Bread and Butter Pudding! Except that there was seriously nothing old fashioned about this, firstly it was stuffed with Quince and topped with Walnut Ice Cream and drizzled with plenty of Caramel!

The final dish of the day...was the Hazelnut Chocolate Fondant! And a generous scoop of Banana Ice Cream :D

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Monday, 22 June 2015

The Grounds of Alexandria, Alexandria

I have been here quite a few times now yet can you believe that I haven't written a post on it? :O

Anyway, we scouted the menu and chose the Sirloin Steak Sandwich and Crab Bruschetta.  They had so many new items and I was particularly excited for the 8 legged creature..


First came the sandwich which was a massive log of house baked olive ciabatta stuffed to the brim with fresh wild rocket, marinated capsicum, warm bread slathered with onion jam and finally a nice juicy slab of grass-fed minute steak.  It also came with a special side of herb mascarpone :9.

Every bite was so tasty and juicy, and I was quite surprised at how they managed to cook the steak a nice medium rare considering how thin it was!

And then came my craab! Think thick juicy pieces of crab flesh tossed in a delicious lemon aioli sitting in a heap of smashed avocado and seedy but toasty bread.  I loved all of it, it was so creamy yet so refreshing and I suspect there was a little bit of fresh lemon squeezed on that...it had that refreshing zing!

Oh yeah we also got a side of Polenta Chips which were HUGE!  Each was roughly the size of a sugar banana! Anyway, these sugar bananas were deep fried mmmm and I think they had flecks of rosemary embeeded in them.  Imagine dipping those in a tub of chilli aioli heh.

 Last but not least, our dessert.

We played a game where D had to order the desserts and surprise me, so off D went to the desserts counter, coming back about 5min later looking very proud hahaha.

Not long after, came...

The raspberry one certainly passed the test on all accounts, the other one I was a little more hesitant about haha.

For the Raspberry Mille Feuille, just imagine layers of thick vanilla custard and pastry which was crispy yet a little juicy almost like they were slathered with syrup.  It was a beautiful balance to the subtle custard!  

Now the next dessert was the Pear Almond Slice.  This turned out better than expected actually, it was very moist and had a distinct pear flavour running throughout the cake.  You know what? It really reminded me of an upside down cake!

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Tuesday, 9 June 2015

The Boathouse, Shelly Beach

Why hello there long weekend! :)

After the most complicated and hectic adventure, we managed to get to our destination,The Boathouse's newest addition at Shelly Beach!  Victory!!

But before I say anything else, will you just look at how beautiful the scenery is! 

The Boathouse was located on in the Shelly Beach's little cove, where there were a comfortable amount of people tanning on the beach, building sand castles in the sky...

And then it was time for foood!

It was around 2pm and the cafe was packed to the brim with people but there were about 3 tables left over, and I gunned for the best table and luckily I did because soon after they were all occupied! I loved my table, it was juts near the giant open window where we had perfect view of the sea, sand and greens!

Speaking of greens, while I was poking my head around the cafe, I find this cute little island!

So so so pretty!

We made our orders and the food came out really quickly despite the hoards of customers, I would say roughly 10-15 min!

First I want to talk about their fries.  Those giant, banana size fries came in a cute yum cha style basket and were one of the best I have ever had- on par with my favourite at The Potting Shed!  They were really crispy and so fluffy inside, but the thing that set them apart from other fries, was the coating.  Each chunk kind of had this.. crumbled edge.   You will know it when you try it :)  You would be making a huge mistake if you did not try their fries!  

Oh they also came with a cup of aioli which had little black flecks of I dunno what but it was soo goood!  So creamy!

Then there was the Trout Board which came with trout pate, sliced trout, creme fraiche and Sonoma miche.  I really liked the pate, it was so tasty and paired so well with the creme fraiche.  After the bread was gone we kept eating the pate alone!

 I got this at The Boathouse, Mosman and I fell in love with it and it has become my favourite dish. Give it up for...their Beef Carpaccio! Just imagine, a huuuuge plate of the thinnest leaves of beef topped with fluffy parmesan, grilled pine nuts, fresh basil leaves and cracked pepper.  The thing I loved most was that foccacia.  It was so special. Trust me, get it!

For dessert, we got the burnt butter and almond cake. I was initially very excited about this as it sounded so good, but although the flavour was nice I found it to be very dense and dry and as the outside was also quite dry and crusty (not actually a bad thing), I didn't enjoy it.

 The extra side of vanilla ice cream helped a bit.

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Saturday, 6 June 2015

Porteno, Surry Hills

I visited this funky restaurant again last night except this time we went vego! 

They didn't take bookings so we had to wait a while for a table but luckily, they had a bar section upstairs for us to relax in and sip our two glasses of Pina Coladas, which were very, very good :D

These crispy morsels were their Flores De Zapllitos, fried zucchini flowers filled with smoked mozzarella cheese & romesco sauce.  Best version I have ever had!

These were the Empanada De Calabaza, after watching Ugly Betty I had always wanted to try these!! Anyway haha they were pretty good, kind of similar to Malaysian curry puffs but filled with pumpkin and fetta!

This was a bowl of Repollitos De Brusela which were crispy fried brussel Sprouts with lentils and mint. I think this dish is so tasty, albeit a little oily!

Our other side was the Polenta Agridulce, creamy white polenta with sweet and sour riddichio.  I didn't like this very much, it was bland and I didn't think that the riddichio fit well with it.

Plated in front of us next was a plate Ravioli De Colifor Y Fontina, roasted cauliflower and fontina ravioli in a sea of buttery creamed corn and pine nuts.  I liked this, especially the creamed corn and pine nuts combo!

Then came out desserts!

This was the Postre Chaja and I was actually surprised at how delicious it was!  It was a South American Style Pavlova layered with poached apple, dulce de leche and toasty hazelnuts.  The elements worked wonders together!

Last was the Bread and Butter Pudding.  It was a super fat and juicy slab of deliciousness sitting in a sea of custard sauce in a cast iron pan.  There were also rhubarb slices and vanilla bean ice cream to give a perfect sweet/sour contrast!

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Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Muum Maam, Surry Hills

I love this place. It is one of my favourite Thai Restaurants in Sydney and I am a fussy eater!

I usually order the same few dishes that I love but this time, we tried the Betel Leaf topped with smoked trout, roe, sweet coconut, lime, ginger and tamarind, hoping that it would add to the favourites list but alas, I was sorely disappointed! The leaf was fresh and though the other ingredients sounded appetising, to me, it tasted weird...like a heap of sweet stuff with ginger and roe to really top it off. Hrmm.

Then came my favourite Pineapple Fried Rice! As usual it was cooked just right. The rice was bouncy, the raisins, juicy prawns, pineapple in abundance and pork floss (a special addition) was just right!

That dish on the left was the Shredded Banana Blossom Salad embedded with with juicy grilled prawns, cashews, coriander in a delicious sweet and creamy secret sauce.

Oops actually we tried another new dish (you cna see it if you look closely haha) which was the Crispy Pork Belly with Chinese broccoli.  I found this to be mediocre, the pork was cut into tiny slices and didn't have much of a crackling top.


We were ushered out after two hours as they have this two hour seating policy on the weekends which I really didn't like...but oh well, we ended up next door at Movida and in a way it all worked out because the desserts there were phenomenal!

We ordered the Flan.  A super rich and silky smooth crème caramel served with pestinos (a cinnamon-y sugary cookie that melted in the mouth).

The dish up at back was the Tarta Santiago, an almond fondant with fennel pollen ice-cream. The fondant had the nice crispy edges of and when we dug into it...

...out oozed a sea of creamy almond filling. It was so good, and that ice-cream was so good in contrast to the warm crusty cake.

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Friday, 22 May 2015

Third Wave, Prahran

5am in the morning and I woke up thinking, I want to blog about Third Wave, so here I am! Haha.

I visited Melbourne a few weeks ago and tried so many delicious foods, and this particular restaurant carries a beacon in my memory.  

I must say, Third Wave, Prahran was tricky to find so when you go, and if you get lost like I did, just pop into the mall nearby and ask someone and they will point you in the right direction. I remember I said to the shopkeeper, "hi, do you know where Third Wave, the American BBQ restaurant is? And she immediately said and I quote "Oh you mean the popular one? It's just around the corner!" I wasn't even sure if it was the right one at that point cause she didn't know the name of it, so I was interested to see if I agreed with this statement!


First of all, when I entered, I was pleasingly greeted by a really bubbly and sweet waitress!  The funny thing is she's a vegetarian and I remember saying to her...you're a vego working here? ;) hahahaha.  And then she showed me their Vegetarian Menu, and I was stoked at how many options they had! (I can't remember so its better you check their menu online!). To add to that, they even had a Breakfast Menu, with a yummy looking baked eggs dish!

I also got to meet the Head Chef Ryo Kitahara, who I let order some dishes for me haha I had a feeling that I could trust his judgement :P

I noticed that though the restaurant looked a lot like a cafe, very spacious and modern, with lots of dark wood- something I particularly appreciate! It was homey.  Not long after I ordered my food, out zoomed a....

My Pulled Pork Slider! Ryo chose this slider and though I am quite indifferent to pulled pork, I was surprised to find that suddenly I was thinking, wow I like this.  Can you just imagine, the juiciest 12 hour slow cooked pork with spices, layered on a soft seedy bun generously slathered with freshly made tangy coleslaw and pickled cucumber and mustard.  What I particularly loved about this, was that when I bit into it, it was smoooth so like everything welded perfectly together.  For me, that is pivotal in how I enjoy my burgers.

I wanted to try this, Smoked Salmon.  It came out on this beautiful blue plate, it was like a fish swimming in vast blue ocean!

Haha anyway, it was smoked using Apple wood, and the texture was the silkiest smoked salmon I have ever tried!  Two guesses what pot of sauce is? :P

Ryo surprised me with another dish, well a side of Grilled Mushrooms.  They were cooked in what tasted like a teriyaki sauce but with a slight difference- not quite sure what it is but it was super yummy. It got a bit too sweet for me in the end though so I couldn't finish it but would definitely order it with a group of people.

And then came a wooden plank of meats.  Squiggled the meats around for the more flattering shots :P

The back one was traditional Southern Pork Ribs rubbed with dry spices.  It comes served with 2 different BBQ Sauces - Que You Spicy BBQ and Apple Bourbon.  It's flavour was great though a not as soft as I would have liked! 

This tender, fatty delicious giant bone of meat was awesome, the Beef Ribs! It was so smokey and cooked with a special kind of wood, I actually had to research it before typing it in and this is what I found:

Hickory wood-"Ideal for the strong traditional smoke flavour that goes well with beef, ribs and chops"  

Haha pretty interesting is it not? Heh.

Anyway, this beef rib was phenomenal. My favourite dish of the day and on par with my favourite beef rib in Sydney which is saying a lot cause I am picky :P  Why was it so good? The texture.  It was soooo tender, and not even in a fatty way so it was a great balance.  I particularly loved the charred caramelised skin and that sweetish flavour I don't know what they used to cook it but it was amazing....mmm I am craving it now.

I was given a couple of sauces on the side, there was BBQ, tomato and horseradish! I tried the beef with a bit of horseradish but preferred it natural ;D

Let me introduce.....Ryo!  I had so much fun talking to him.  I really respect his journey to becoming the Head Chef at Third Wave and interestingly enough he used to work in Sydney!

Then came my desserts.

Again, my love for those blue plates rekindled with a little extra!

There was a very delicate slice of Pecan Pie that came with a beautifully mango shaped dollop of Espresso cream and Vanilla Ice Cream.  That cream. 

But what I enjoyed even more was the Key Lime Pie.  Holy smokes this was the yummiest key lime pie I have ever had.  It was chilled, zesty and tasted like magic. I say, go try NOW if you can!


Overall, I was really impressed by the service, food and feel of the restaurant. Homey, laid back, a little quirky just how I like it. A special thank you to Ryo for cooking me this wonderful meal, I really appreciate everything!  I also what to thank the owner Greg who so generously invited me here and for that I am so grateful.  

I will definitely be back on my next visit!! :)

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