Monday, 7 April 2014

Bay Vista, Brighton Le Sands

Bay Vista, Brighton Le Sands

I was lucky enough to have Jelly introduce me to this lovely dessert bar and it has became my favourite dessert spot ever since, and our go to spot for catchups :P!! There are words of wisdom written all over the walls!! I mean, who knew stressed backwards spells dessert???!? Definitely very encouraging whilst I was going through exams :) Hahah love you guys and the the smell of fresh brewing oh so melty chocolate...crispy cooking crepes...perfectly fluffy pancakes..and much muuuuch moreeee! Ahh I salivate just thinking about their copious amounts of delicious goodies!!!!!

So guys, I have below, the numerous desserts I have tried over the course of my never ending adventures at Bay Vista! Enjoy! :)

March 2014

I've been visiting Bay Vista a lot recently, I have always visited it regularly, but twice in 2 weeks? Definitely a record for me :D

Anyhoos I was catching up with Song for dinner and she was running late so I got I floated about checking out all the goodies on display!  My favourite past time :)

Bay Vista has recently updated their menu items as well as a whole lot of new ice-cream flavours!  Apparently there is even lamington flavoured ice-cream now!! Wows.  Pretty keenbeans to try that next time!

Peter, the restaurant manager, highly recommended the new Mexican Crepe ($17.00) so we got exactly that!

What came out was one huuuuuuuge slab of soft, perfectly chewy crepe stuffed with chilli beef, beans, guacamole and salsa with a nice side of salad and huge dollop of oober creamy sour cream.  I did what I always do, and slathered the sour cream all over the crepe, yummmoos! :D

Then we ordered N.Y.S.B Cheesecake Waffles ($16.00) which came out so quickly we hardly had time to grab our cutlery!  Definitely good news for the hungry :D

The waffles were thick and fluffy, I would have liked them a little more crispy, but their textures and flavour were spot on!  They were topped with two slices of New York Cheesecake-- did I mention that Bay Vista does THE BEEEST New York Cheesecake I have ever tried in my life? Soooo creamy and delicious, a definite must try!!!!

Anyhoos back to our waffles, where I continue with the beautifffully fresh strawberries and strawberry pureeee singing in perfect unison with the cheesecake slices.  And then one must not forget the nice big scoop of vanilla ice-cream that came with the waffles perfectly completing this dish.  There is a reason why it is one of my favourites, it is so so good!  When I first introduced it to Jelly she wasn't all that keen, but after trying it, it has become a solid favourite for her too! :)

Annnd then came the finale of the night, Bill The Boss's Buenos Aires ($24.00), a magnificent concoction of mango, coconut and passionfruit ice-cream, fresh bananas, fresh strawberries, soft serve ice-cream, whipped cream, caramel sauce and diced roasted hazelnuts served in a huge glass fish bowl :D  A good 30cm tall I think!  I highly recommend anyone visiting Bay Vista to order one of these kinds of bowls under the 'World Famous Icecream Bowls- Super Special'.  They are hands down the best sundaes you could ever have!

That was the end of our night of food, and we trudged home super stuffed and super satisfied.  Yerrrrmooos!

The next week, we went back to try moooooar desserts, starting with the 5th Avenue New York ($24.00).  Again, a huge bowl filled with massive scoops of peanut butter ice-cream, chocolate ice-cream, boysenberry ice-cream, soft serve ice cream, waffle bites, brownie chunks and chocolate fudge sauce.  It was deeliiiish as always and gone in less than five minutes! Haha we were nuts!

Next came the dish I was most excited about, a new menu item called the Super 'Sonia' ($17.00) featuring perfectly cooked crepes stuffed with cinnamon scroll chunks, fresh banana, sultanas and mixed smashed nuts, then topped with loads of cinnamon sugar and super creamy vanilla ice-cream.  I luuuuurved it!  Oh and I got a side of butterscotch sauce to go with it, delliicccioousssly tasty!

My friend gave up eating this delicious crepe so I persevered and almost finished the whole thing myself! That amazing :)  Overall we had such a lovely time, the food was awesome, staff were very attentive and to Peter, thanks for always taking care of me and for the sweet times :D See you again soon!!

Below are my previous posts of Bay Vista, I am still trying to figure out how to add posts to previous posts so for now this will do :)


 Snickes Crepes- Snickers bar pieces, roasted peanuts, chocolate drops, caramel sauce OMG SO GOOD! (The side of chocolate I had to get separate)

Athens 2004- Lychee rose ice-cream, chocolate ice-cream, fig and pistachio ice-cream, soft serve ice-cream, cream, white chocolate sauce, pecans and turkish delight.
OMG I LOVE THIS! This was the first sundae I ever tried here, and I get it almost every single time I come here!

5th Avenue New York- Peanut butter, chocolate and boysenberry ice cream, NY cheesecake pieces, chocolate brownie, real ice cream ‘soft serve’, whipped cream, fountain chocolate fudge and waffle bites

Now heads up guys this is the ULTIMATE sundae with everything delicious packed into it :D I love chocolate fudge, waffles, brownies, cheesecake and there are all here!! Makes me dizzy with happiness just thinking about it :D

 South Pacific- perfect blend of coconut ice cream, banana slices, whipped cream, chocolate chips, soft serve, chocolate fudge and the waffle cone on top.

N.Y.S.B cheesecake waffles- Thick Belgium waffles topped with fresh strawberries, NY cheesecake, strawberry puree and ice-cream
I absolutely love their NY Cheesecake! The best I have ever tried!

Fountain chocolate waffles- Warm delicious Belgium waffles topped with either strawberries or bananas and a very generous serve of fountain chocolate and vanilla ice-cream

The Secret Cinnamon Scroll has just jumped onto my favourites list at Bay Vista! I LOVE IT!! It is pretty much a huge  scroll of sweet bread , soft, warm, and its innards filled with cinnamon and a sweet liquid thing slathered on the bread which made it really nice and moist. 

Mortal Sin Cheesecake- This is deeelicious!!! It consists of chocolate biscuit crumb base, smooth cheesecake layer, dark chocolate mousse and finished off with a layer of rich butterscotch caramel cream.  It was surprisingly light tasted even better when dipped into the melted chocolate...TEHEH YUMMMAAYY!

Now here below we have other forms of deliciousness in no particular order!

Africa Wild- toffee peanut ice-cream, chocolate honeycomb, crushed nuts, whipped cream and caramel sauce

N.Y.S.B Cheesecake Pancakes: Buttermilk pancakes topped with fresh strawberries, NY cheesecake, strawberry puree and ice-cream

 Chocberry Crepes- fresh strawberries, chocolate drops and fountain chocolate

Strawberry Crepes- topped with strawberry puree, white chocolate sauce and vanilla ice-cream

I absolutely love Bay Vista, and am ALWAYS keenbeans to bring my friends, stuff our faces with ice-cream then walk down romantic Brighton Le Sands Beach reminiscing our most romantic night eating desserts in bliss ;)

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Saturday, 5 April 2014

Malacca Straits, Ultimo

Heerroooos everyone!  Hope you have all been swell :)

Now let me introduce you to my utmost favourite Malaysian restaurant in Sydney, MALACCA STRAITS!!!!  This awesome restaurant is located in a little arcade on Mountain Street, Ultimo.  Keep an eye out for a signboard which points to Malacca Straits and some other restaurants in the arcade, it makes it soo much easier finding the place!!

I have been a couple of times in the past and it has always been amazing, but this time was no doubt THE BEST EXPERIENCE THERE I HAVE EVERRRR HAD!!!!! I had been telling my family about this place for ages and they were dubious as to how good it could be (being Malaysian we are rather fussy with our Malaysian food), but after trying this place, they were COMPLETELY won over!!!! :D

Anyhoooos unto the fooods!!!! :):):)

First dish that came out was the Ayam Percik Kelantan ($20.80).  It was the most succulent grilled chicken topped with fried onions and shallots.  Jie's faaavourite!

Now this is my favourite dish at Malacca Straits.  Crispy Egg Salad ($14.80).  So amazing.  Imagine chunks of crispy pan-fried egg and oober fresh salad tossed in a super delicious spicy, sweet and tangy salad dressing.  I know it sounds simple, but truuuust me the flavours and textures are perfecto!!

And then came our HUGE pot of Malaysian Fish Head Curry ($30.00)!!!!! 
There was a school of blue eye cods in there, okay fine just their cheeks, but nevertheless lots and lots of feeeeesh meeeat swimming with okra, beans, tomatoes and super juicy eggplant in the deliciously creamy curry sauce.  My dad was so happy with this dish ahahahah that all he needed was mooooaar rice to go with it! :D

And theeeen came our Seafood Char Kway Teow ($13.00).  Oober fresh flat rice noodles fried to wok hei perfection in spicy sambal paste, seafood and beansprouts!! SOOO GUUUUUD!!!!
Mum's favourite Malaysian dish has always been char kway teow and she was super impressed with this one!! :) 

MY FAVOURITE DISH.  Okay I know I said the crispy egg salad was my favourite, but this is on par.  So Amaazing.  Golden Sand Prawns ($26.80), think fat juicy prawns thickly coated in duck egg yolk batter and fried to absollllllluuute peeeerfection!  Oh yeahhhs and topped with super fragrant crispy curry leaves! I love love LOVE this dish sooo soo much!!! Reminiscent of the ones found in Singapore! :D :D :D  I think this was the favourite of the night!

I saw this dish online and had to get it.  Ayam Goreng Mentaga ($16.80).  A huge plate of crispy chicken pieces topped with creamy buttery egg floss, curry leaves sauce and crispy curry leaves! Jia's favourite :D

I had been dreaming about this dish for the longest time, the Oyster Omelette ($16.80).  Fat juicy oysters were studded in a really nice egg batter and served with shallots and spicy chilli sauce.  The omelette had this kinda chewy texture that held everything together, a bit hard to explain but it was almost like omelette + oysters + mochi.  I really liked this dish and so did daddy, but the rest did not like it as much as they said it tasted a little fishy :S hahah oh wells we still finished it!

Now this dish I get almost everytime I come here, Chai Tau Kueh ($12.00).  Reason being that not may Malaysian restaurants offer this dish, and amongst the few that do, they do it the best!  The nice thick chunks of radish cakes were nice and crispy and tossed with copious amounts of egg which i LOVE, beansprouts and chives.  Oh and the sambal served on the side was friggen delicious.  I got two servings of it! Haha yuumoooos I tell you!!

Overall, we had a splendid evening and will definitely be back really soon!!!!

Must get dish:  Golden Sands Prawns :)

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Thursday, 27 March 2014



Hahah I FINALLY got to check out the oober exciting Taste of Sydney Festival at Centennial Park!! The past few years I kept missing it, I think its cos I kept getting the dates wrong and only realising afterwards that it had passed already :( My absent mindedness has caused me much grief, well at least for my belly anyway :O Thus is why this year, I had to go. Absolutely.

We arrived at a really good time (we went for the 12-4pm session- and I am not entirely sure what time but we beat the hoards of people that came soon after yay!  We quickly got some crowns on that card shown below (they had a system where you had to buy things with crowns, 1 crown = $1) and headeeeed in!!!!

I tried to, I really did to do the obligatory round of sight seeing and then succumbing to my natural instincts I beelined for some food hahahaha which started wiiiittthhhh..

TASTE TESTING! YAY I LOOOVE TASTE TESTING! I don't remember what cheese this was but it was drizzled with a bit of honey giving it a sweet but salty kick, yummies :D  We tried a couple of other things, can't remember what and soon moved on to get real food, NOT FOOD FOR ANTS :D

The first dish of our belly exciting day was Bloodwood's Icon Dish, pork ribs with apple, iceberg lettuce and oyster mushroom.  Verdict? We found the ribs to be rather dry and clumpy and I don't think we even finished it!  Hahah it was pretty funny cause my friend who luurves his meats was very interested in the greens and anything BUT the meat.  HAHAAH and for the purpose of this post I shall call him greeenbean.

Luckily, their saving grace was their fried red braised chicken chilli and shallots topped with spicy mayo.    Threeeeeee super fat chicken pieces bursting at the seams with spicy herby juices and drizzled with a spicy mayo that was delicious!  LUURVE EVERYTHING SPICY, MOUTH ON FIREEEEE BABY! :D

On the way to our designated Chur Burger, we floated past Porteno's roasting meats!! JUST LOOK at those deericiousss pigs chillin on the racks mauauuaauhs the smells were intoxicatinggggggg!!!!!  I kinda, really wanted to pull out a fork and knife right there and then and shave off somee puuurdy pork! Or maybe just use my oober keen fingers...;)  Buuuuut figured we'd try other stuff since we just had some pork, albeit fail whale pork tehehehe 

And then we found CHUR BURGER! YAY!
I was SUPER KEEN BUT LEAN BEAN (was feeling rather famished since we had not had anything substantial by that point) on trying their burgers!!! I've been to their main chain in Surry Hills before, and they do blooming brilliant $10 burgers!!! I highly recommend their lamb burger and DOUBLE beef burger for those who don't like lamb.  Key word, DOUBLE :)  

We scouted their menu for a short while and opted to get their crispy pork belly burgers and within   minutes they were zooming out already! I was surprised with the speed at which all our food came out at, I had expected us to have to wait for ageees to order and then doubleee ageees for the food to come out, but that was most certainly not the case muahahaas.  Velllyy belly gooood!

We found ourselves a nice shady area, did I mention it was like burrrrning that day? Soooo hot that we did a lot edging around the park looking for shade most times haha and at our shady spot, we pulled out our picnic mat and our bellies got cracking on our PORK BELLY CRACKLING HAHAHAHAAH GEDDDITTT? HAHAHA :D The burgers were jolly derrriiicious indeeed. There was a thick tasty slab of juicy pork topped with another thick slab of crispy pork crackling which eaten together with the fresh coleslaw sandwiched between brioche bun made me blissfully happy.  Greenbean seemed pretty happy with his burger and soon they were ALL GONE! hahahaha

We had a voucher to get a complimentary dish at Icon Park** and luckily greenbean has pretty good directions and managed to find it speeedily.  If left up to me, I would probably go around in circles hahaha 

After much deliberation, okay mostly on my fussy end haha (for some reason it was even harder choosing a free dish than one we paid for) we got the 16 hour slow smoked BBQ beef with coleslaw and their homemade BBQ sauce. 

We found it to be pretty bland and far from tender. The greens were looking super appealing again.. I mean 16 hrs of slow cooking I was expecting some succulence and some juicy tenderness which was UNFOUNDED HERE. :(  Oh welllloos marshmellowwwwws it was still coolbeans that we got to try Icon Park's foods!! :D


Next we went to find ourselves some gelato and opted for fig and milo!

They were nice and creamy, and I think out of the two we liked the fig more! The milo was nice but probably could have done with a stronger milo flavour! 

Here is a pic of the sign which I only just realised now has some random guy in it LOL
And he looks like he is actually posing for the pic! HAHAHA

Anyhooos moving on to my most favourite dish of the day, the peanut butter popsicle with honeycomb crunch and dulce de leche.

It was a fat paddle of ice-cream which had a super interesting texture. It was very rich and had a thick, velvety consistency. WE LOVED IT!  There was also a nice thick slather of dulce de leche and copious amounts of crumbly crunch, YUMMOS!  For those of you who know me by now will know I love anything crumble.  I would love to be an apple rolling down a hill into a pit of crumble crumbles. HEHE.

All too soon, our time was up and our final eat of the day before the doors closed, was a chocolate gelato cannoli and chocolate banana, and by chocolate banana I mean literally a cute fresh banana coated with chocolate which I forgot to take a pic of.

We chilled like beans outside for a bit munching on our goodies until it started to rain and then we swimmingly left the premises and jumped into the car and just in time cos it started pooouurrrrrring like monsoon season in Malaysia!!

So overall it was a super fun day out in the park, variety of super famous restaurants all in one place, lots of dessert and crispy pork belly and good ol' greenbeans who was very patient with my ecccentric belly!  Will definitely head back next year for MOOOOAAAR!!!!! :D

Monday, 17 March 2014

Devon Cafe, Surry Hills (revisited)


I recently popped by Devon Cafe, Surry Hills for breakie to try their delicious looking Kaya Toast as it was the last day before they changed their menuuu AND I am soooooo glad I did because it was AWESOME!!!!!

-Summer Menu-

Kaya Toast ($12.50), deliciously toasty brioche bread lathered thicccckkkk with soooper creamy coconut jam (kaya) and ooozy butter.  It was so amazing and reminiscent of the kaya toasts dad would buy us in Malaysia, think sweet, warm buttery buns filled with creammyyyyaayyy kaya and butter!! 

Oooos and i used up all the extra kaya on the side muauahhahahs sooo gooood!!!

And lest us not forget the accompanying 63 degree eggs served in a cute little red tea cup!  The eggs were waaarm and cooked to absofull ooooozy perfection, OO AND NOT TO MENTION THERE WERE TWOOO YAY! Hahahah
They were swimmingly happy in light soy sauce and wait for it...

BURNT BUTTER!! WOOOO! Soooo delicious! I was like NONIIIII WHAT IS THIS EXTRA DELICIOUS FLAVOUR I TASTE??? HAhahah the burnt butter was so fragrant and paired perfectly with the light soy sauce! Hahaah I was raving on and on about my eats here to my friend Richard and hes like OKAY WE MUST GO. ASAP. Hahaha

My oooozy eggy innardss....yummmmmmooos!!!

After talking to Noni I had to get me one of theeese beautiful babies, the My Second Asian Cousin Gone Summery ($13.00) featuring a nice big bowl of tapioca and young coconut (sago), fresh mango, chia seeds and freeze dried mangoes!  It was sooooo delicious that I almost ate the whole thing even after my kaya toast and eggs! :O  Everything meshed so well together, the mangoes were so sweet and juicy and went perfectly with the creamy coconut sago.  I absolutely loved the fusion of South East Asian flavours! Soooo yummiiiiiesss!

And to top things off, Zac surprised me with a super delicious dessert in the cutest little cup!! Think super creamy peanut butter ice cream topped with fresh strawberries, strawberry sauce, puffed rice and little slabs of crispy honeycomb.  It was so good that even as stuffed as I was, I managed, NO happily, devoured all of it :D

Thenks again gais for an amazing time, Noni and Zac for your excellent recommendations, company for always making drop dead delicious goodies for my happy beeelllieee! :D

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